How to Reach Professional Audiences at Home

The current economic climate has heightened the challenges for businesses to pivot from brick-and-mortar operations to attracting professional audiences working from home. 

Despite these challenges, there are several data-driven insights that can be utilized to help optimize your company’s ability to reach professional audiences at home for a more significant piece of the online B2B market.

How to Use Data to Pivot Your Business

Capture metrics of your website visitors for future email, mail, and digital retargeting campaigns.  

You can also use this list of prospects, or append your data and segment your audience, to send emails promoting sales, store hours, and special promotions and link to your e-commerce site. And, personalize your message according to their previous online behavior on your website. Consider offering returning customers special offers for free or reduced delivery fees. This strategy can also be an option to acquire new customers.   

Another option could include sending postal mailers, emails, or digital ads to geo-targeted prospects promoting your company’s good works in the community. Powerful images on social media, your company’s newsletter, or sales collateral showing employees giving back to the community can create goodwill. More than ever,  people want to do business with companies that have a core purpose. During times of uncertainty, people naturally want to support businesses by “championing” their community involvement.  

Six Ways Data Can Help Your Company Compete 

Let analytics help drive conversions and audience decisions. 

  1. Competitive conquesting allows you to analyze the key characteristics of your prospects vs. those of your competition to gain useful insights.
  2. Online advertising lets you analyze the days and times when your message is resonating, along with gauging high performing audiences, website pages, and more.
  3. Incoming data can be leveraged in real-time (via retargeting pixels, conversion pixels, email opens, etc.) that can help you make better strategic and creative decisions.
  4. Gain insights from today’s B2B marketing and sales landscape and get your personalized message out across multiple channels.
  5. Be comfortable in the knowledge that competitive companies will continuously enhance their data to increase accuracy and deliverability. Email addresses can decay at a rate of 20-30% in one year due to a lack of email hygiene.
  6. Conducting A/B testing of your subject lines allows you to quickly shift your messaging when metrics indicate something (messaging, timing, or targeting) is not working.

These six tips and more can help your company stay relevant as well as help with your prospecting, retention, and win-back efforts.   

How to Create the Optimal Online Experience

B2B buyers, especially professionals at home, are increasingly as diverse as B2C shoppers.  A recent Forbes article shared a significant increase across multiple consumer lines, all due to the recent stay-at-home orders across the country. And with an increase in professional audiences now working from home (along with those that already have been), it’s not a stretch to imagine the B2B sector being far behind.  

Before your campaign begins, create a comprehensive view of your ideal customer, using lookalikes, for example, to ensure you are optimizing the marketing channels used. For instance, TikTok may be relevant for a younger audience but not necessarily for Generation X and Baby Boomers.  

Also optimize your website (or app) for multiple devices and platforms, design your website so that it is easy to navigate and create personalized messaging options for your prospects that resonate with them and make them feel valued. Also, ensure that their online shopping experience provides many filtering options such as category, size, type, etc. If your site is not easy to navigate, especially on mobile devices, prospects are more likely to abandon your website and shop elsewhere. 

According to Stirista’s digital team, overall website traffic in the U.S. increased 20% in the last few weeks. This traffic surge translates into a growing supply of ad inventory and a more extensive reach available to which your company can market. With many marketers pausing campaigns at the moment, media buying CPMs are also lower than usual. Therefore, advertisers who are still buying programmatically benefit by getting more “bang for their buck,” as ad prices are decreasing due to the current lack of competition and surplus of inventory. 

The lines have blurred, with B2B buyers’ expectations evolving to want the ease of the consumer buying experience. As Stirista co-founder and CEO Ajay Gupta recently stated, “Because larger companies with bigger budgets are able to deliver a more personalized experience to individuals, customers’ expectations keep going up in terms of what they expect from the companies that serve them.”  

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