Bot Fraud 2019: The Sad State of Email Marketing


Simple Ways to Use LinkedIn for Prospecting

Most of us use LinkedIn for connecting professionally and for helping us find our next job, as well as for posting about our company’s activities. But, if you’re not using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool, you’re missing out on one of the best benefits this site can provide. LinkedIn…

How to Tell if a Digital Agency is Transparent

Navigating the world of digital ad buys and omnichannel campaigns can be nearly impossible without help, leaving simple trust in your agency as the only obvious option. But with high profile cases of opaque digital agency practices coming to light this year, now is a better time than ever to…

Announcing the Launch of Scout 2.0—The Ultimate Sales Tool

Today, we are announcing the first update of our data-as-a-service solution for business marketers, Scout™ Version 2.0.  Scout is a software plug-in that delivers access in real time to verified, current professional contact information – email, telephone and postal data – alongside LinkedIn and Twitter profiles of customers and prospects. …

Using Political Marketing Data to Target Millennials

The polarization of American politics over the last few years has changed the way citizens approach everything in their lives, from where they live to whom they interact with to the products they buy. Since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, this phenomenon has gone into overdrive, and…

The Benefits of Working with a Single Data-Driven Digital Agency

Okay, so we recognize that digital marketing is a broad category. Any one of its components – such as social media marketing and display advertising – are, in and of themselves, vast enough to base a career around. This fact makes it difficult for companies of any size to fully…

Proving Your Agency’s ROI Begins With Client Buy In

Now that omni channel marketing has become mainstream, relying on isolated media channels seems archaic. But in many ways, that’s exactly what we do with our analytics. We may market in omni channel, but too often we analyze the results in a vacuum. This kind of swim-lane measurement makes it…

Affordable Digital Marketing for Your Startup

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably faced a classic marketing dilemma: you need to spread brand awareness, but you have a limited marketing budget. Thankfully, digital marketing has made it easier than ever to market your startup without breaking the bank. In this blog, we will discuss some affordable digital…

I Started My First Email Newsletter at Fourteen—This is What I learned

I launched my first email newsletter when I was fourteen. An avid pro-wrestling fan, I would email subscribers about developments in the wrestling world. It was a modern-day equivalent of an entertainment blog. To my surprise, and my parents’ shock, the newsletter eventually grew to over 50,000 subscribers. As email…

Why Using B2B Data in Higher Education Can Increase Enrollment

Every enrollment season, numerous higher education institutions compete over the same pool of prospective students. Any edge can make the difference between meeting enrollment goals and falling short. But with already stretched budgets, finding that edge can be harder than it sounds. However, there is one easily accessible, and often…

social media audience analysis
Creating Content for a Targeted Audience

Audience targeting is an important tool for helping you hone in on your most likely customers. This tool helps you determine, much more specifically, who buys your product. As you use audience targeting, you’ll likely find that you have a few different demographics to target. To take your strategy to…

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