How Strategic Are Your CTAs?


Stirista Earns Silver DMA International ECHO Award

We are excited to announce that our digital campaign for Great Clips received the prestigious Silver award for the Best Retail Campaign of 2017 at the prestigious Data and Marketing Association’s International ECHO awards. Pop-star Mark McGrath made the announcement on October 8th at the ECHO Awards gala in New…

Narratives Hold the Promise of Key Message Delivery

Powerful narratives influence our brains Remember Mark Antony’s speech in Julius Caesar? Friends, Romans, Countrymen…His emotionally charged narrative turned the tables on his enemies and the crowd that had been unwilling to even let him speak, rushed to carry out his intent–even though he did not even voice it! Persuasion…

Internet of Things And Its Effects On Digital Marketing

So what is the Internet of Things? Imagine this scenario- You are headed home after a long day at work. As soon as your car halts at your doorstep, the coffee machine in your kitchen starts brewing coffee for you. As you enter through the front door, the water heats…

Get on Track with Onboarding – The Case for Uploading Audiences for Targeting

Yesterday, analysts came out to say that Facebook may be misleading about its audience sizes. It turns out, Facebook’s advertised targeting numbers are higher than those in the US census. Much higher in some instances–Facebook has records for 25 million more US adults under 35 than were actually counted in…

How Social Media Audience Analysis Accelerates Your Marketing Success

Successful marketing endeavors begin with a thorough understanding of your audience, and social media campaigns are no exception. Conducting a social media audience analysis before you launch your campaign can improve its performance and get the most out of your budget. With good use of actionable analytics, you can have…

Data Kings Rule the Digital World

A recent article in the Economist calls data “the oil of the digital era” and argues that control of this asset is the driving force in the powerful world of business today. What’s more, this power gives an unfair advantage to the big 5 data giants: Alphabet [Google], Amazon, Apple,…

The LiveRamp Data Innovators Program Delivers Powerful Predictive Targeting to Marketers

There’s something special about coming together with another company to offer customers something they can’t get anywhere else. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to join forces with AnalyticsIQ to become the first, proven custom data partnership in LiveRamp’s Data Innovators program. In addition to paving the way for…

How Samsung Created a New Language with Wemojees

A headline in today’s newspaper read, “New FB tech may let you type with your brain.” The social networking giant’s consumer hardware lab, Building 8 is actively working on a brain-computer interface that will let you send messages and thoughts without the aid of a phone or an external device.…

Simple Ways to Use LinkedIn for Prospecting

Most of us use LinkedIn for connecting professionally and for helping us find our next job, as well as for posting about our company’s activities. But, if you’re not using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool, you’re missing out on one of the best benefits this site can provide. LinkedIn…

How to Tell if a Digital Agency is Transparent

Navigating the world of digital ad buys and omnichannel campaigns can be nearly impossible without help, leaving simple trust in your agency as the only obvious option. But with high profile cases of opaque digital agency practices coming to light this year, now is a better time than ever to…

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