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Join the Digital Audience Targeting Revolution

Audience targeting is the backbone of digital marketing. The right audience targeting enables you to reach the specific people who are interested in your product or service and it conserves your valuable ad budget. And although even some advanced audience targeting methods have existed for years, ever improving data is…

clean database
Clean Database: What I Learned About Keeping a Database Clean

When we began Stirista, data was already firmly entrenched in the marketing world. However, I quickly found that the rush to jump on the data-driven bandwagon had led many marketers to neglect one of the most important pillars of data—maintaining a clean database. Since then, I have seen dirty databases…

How Newly Engaged Trigger Data is Revolutionizing Marketing

Picture this: couple falls in love, couple gets engaged. Couple plans wedding, buys a house, has children, lives the dream. Sound familiar? That’s because, in reality, it is still a very common order of life events.  It is also a queue that many brands and their marketing teams can capitalize…

How Technology is Changing B2B Sales Prospecting

In a recent panel discussion, someone asked me, “What is the biggest way technology is changing our lives?” It got me thinking. The Internet is exploding around us, vying for our attention at every turn. It has even become part of our sleep ritual where many of us check on…

display advertising services
The Importance of Digital Display Advertising to Businesses

The Importance of Digital Display Advertising to Businesses Digital advertising reaches people through ads in digital publications, social channels, podcasts, blogs, websites and other platforms. The widely-adopted Google Display Network, works by analyzing more than just keywords and searches (used in traditional PPC ads). It uses big data to target…

Data Enhancement Services
3 Ways Data Enhancement Can Help Improve Your Marketing

3 Ways Data Enhancement Can Help Improve Your Marketing Marketing is often a tricky word, especially if you’re a business without a dedicated team, the sheer concept can be downright terrifying. So how do you begin? Once you do, how do you know you’re on the right track? What is…

Increase Onboarding Match Rates with Linked B2B Data

It’s never fun putting valuable resources into compiling the perfect B2B data set only to see it translate to low match rates when you onboard for digital advertising. Yet it has become part of the daily grind for B2B marketers, lowering ROI’s and holding back digital campaigns. It doesn’t have…

Collaborative Creation—a Dream Come True for an Innovative Marketing Company

Strategic recreation of the Medici effect, an interaction of cultures, disciplines, people, and knowledge sharing, is every marketing company’s dream. In an attempt to allow creativity and innovation to thrive, organizations encourage cross-functional teams that bring together diverse perspectives. The collaboration of the logical and the creative opens up new…

Put the Magic of the Medici Effect to Work in Digital Marketing

Frans Johansson in the book, The Medici Effect: What Elephants and Epidemics Can Teach Us About Innovation, writes of discovering a fountainhead of creativity and innovation in what he calls, diverse fields of intersection. He had this wonderful epiphanic moment at Peter’s Cafe, Horta, on an island in the Atlantic…

What’s the killer app in B2B marketing? Face-to-face events

I was teaching B2B digital marketing recently, and found some of my students to be dismayed by one data point that came up again and again in the course: of all tactics in the B2B marketing toolkit, the most valued, the most used, and the most effective is face-to-face events.…

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