Bot Fraud 2019: The Sad State of Email Marketing


Team Stirista: Jane Diane Hasse

This month’s Team Stirista blog focuses on Jane Diane Hasse, who works as the Director of Human Resources and Office Management. Tell us more about your daily and overall responsibilities and what your average work day looks like.    My job at Stirista is two-fold: Director of Human Resources and…

Stirista Now Offers Video Ad Placements on Hulu!

Stirista is proud to offer a new service to all our partners and clients: video ad placements across Hulu!  Boasting 25 million subscribers as of January 2019, Hulu continues to be one of the most-watched streaming services in the United States. Viewers are captivated by Hulu’s deep library, from their…

Omnichannel Marketing: Six Benefits Your Brand Can Achieve

Consumers are making their ever-increasing buying power known when shopping and dealing with brands. They are more brand agnostic, and used to the speed and convenience of personalized shopping. With customer preference and privacy taking center stage, it’s vital to stay relevant and overcome these continued challenges. Retailers need to:…

Customer Segmentation: Definition, Three Benefits and a Best Use Case

Reaching your targeted audience is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign. If the data you’re using isn’t yielding positive results, you might as well be throwing darts blindfolded in the hope of reaching your target. This is where customer segmentation can make all the difference. Customer segmentations help…

Team Stirista: Dr. Jaba M. Gupta, PhD

This month’s Team Stirista blog focuses on Dr. Jaba Mukherjee Gupta, PhD, Director of Stirista Solutions, based in Bangalore, India. Tell us more about your daily and overall responsibilities and how your typical work day looks. I take care of the smooth running of the Stirista Solutions office in Bangalore,…

how to reach business decision makers
How to Reach Business Decision Makers: 5 Proven Steps That Work!

Most business folks will agree that it’s REALLY hard to reach important business decision makers. Or, is it?  Well, it turns out, reaching the decision makers in any company can dramatically be increased by simply applying a few powerful data-driven marketing techniques and tools —  all without making a single cold…

‘Adulting’ May Be Hard, but American Express Understands

Capitalizing on the Theme of Transition We have all experienced the challenges of transitioning from the teenage years to adulthood. What seemed like trials and tribulations then, often persist as bittersweet memories in our minds. Acknowledging this transition, American Express’ ‘Everyday Congrats’ was a campaign that extended a hand to…

Team Stirista: Shikhar Sharma

Tell us more about your daily and overall responsibilities and what your average workday looks like. My main tasks involve working on resolving clients’ queries and questions relating to data extraction, which come in through an in-house ticketing system. My major responsibilities include interacting with clients, understanding and meeting their…

Stirista Promotes Blaine Britten to Vice President of Digital Marketing 

Stirista, an award-winning agency well known in the industry for its enhanced data capabilities, has announced the promotion of Blaine Britten to Vice President of Digital Marketing. His primary responsibilities will include ensuring rapid growth of the digital program on both the data and services sides, along with actively pursuing…

first party data
First-Party Data: What It Is, Its Benefits and to How to Maximize It

In a previous Stirista blog, we talked about third-party data and how it differs from first- and second-party data. Today, we take a deeper dive into first-party data. What is First-Party Data? First-party data is simply your own company’s online or offline data. That is, it’s information your company collects directly…

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