Stirista Welcomes Vincent Pietrafesa as Vice President, B2B Products


Is clickbait the worst thing to ever happen to content marketing?

With the rise of BuzzFeed and Distractify, clickbait headlines are becoming a hot topic in the marketing world. Satire sites like Clickhole, a spinoff of The Onion, have even started to mock the clickbait trend. But here’s the question: is clickbait actually bad? In some ways, it’s not. It’s a problem when…

Calm down your angry customers with email marketing

What do you do with angry customers? As a marketer, do you just pass them off to customer service? Angry consumers are a problem for an entire organization, not just one department. And the storm clouds are brewing faster now than ever before. Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business…

Customers like personalization, but brands aren’t budging

Customer data has a huge impact on email marketing, so why aren’t businesses using it more effectively? As technology advances, customers are less willing to waste their time on businesses that don’t make the shopping experience more relevant to their interests. For example, Amazon is a tough competitor for many online retailers…

Ripe for the Pickin’: Gathering Votes with Political Marketing

Autumn is in full swing. This means it’s time to pass the pumpkin flavored everything, find the gloves stuffed in the back of the closet (just in case), and curl up on the couch to watch political attack ads.  The latter might not be featured in a televised holiday movie,…

Meet Your Market: Billennials

This is Meet Your Market, a series of posts for those who want to learn more about their customers. This series caters to business owners and decision-makers alike who want a quick peek into the lives of the people who fuel their businesses. Today’s post focuses on understanding and embracing the…

Viral marketing: Gawker, social media, and beyond

The idea behind viral marketing is simple enough: create content that’s so irresistible that millions want to read, watch, or gaze at it. But that’s where the simplicity ends. Effective viral marketing is very hard, but it’s not impossible. Websites like Gawker are breeding grounds for viral content, whether it’s a shocking video,…

6 email metrics you may be missing

Businesses new to email marketing often don’t know which metrics to track. There are obvious contenders like open and click rates, but there are others that marketers may not immediately understand. Here are six of the email marketing metrics that you may be overlooking: Subscribe versus unsubscribe rates Marketers look…

Cut shopping cart abandonment with email reminders

This year, about $4 trillion of merchandise will be left in shopping carts. Luckily, 63 percent of that could potentially be recovered – if merchants use the right tactics. One of the best ways to confront and eliminate this problem is by sending consumers reminder emails. According to a report from…

Does Context Marketing Actually Mean Anything?

We’ve all heard and seen great content marketing that goes viral. The “Will It Blend” series and Red Bull’s sky dive from space are just a few examples of content marketing done right. A great email marketer knows content marketing can win over consumers by posting interesting, exciting content that…

4 Critical Email Blunders to Avoid

Do you have email marketing horror stories? Was there a defining moment when you realized a particular marketing strategy or campaign bombed? Today’s digital technology allows marketers to reach new audiences with greater ease than ever before. However, not all email strategies are equally effective. Many tactics can negatively influence the…

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