Advertising Week 2020 Recap: Top 5 Takeaways


The Mobile Monster’s Effect on Email Marketing

Do you know how to reach your mobile customers? Nearly every industry is dealing with the effects of mobile technology on consumer behavior and expectations. Email marketing is especially sensitive to the shift to mobile technology because consumers consistently use smartphones and tablets to access emails. Just take a look at some of…

email database
Why an Accurate Email Database Matters for Email Campaign Success

How accurate is your email database? Do information gaps prevent you from creating targeted email campaigns? According to HubSpot, email marketing lists naturally decay at a rate of over 22% annually. Hence, why a consistent email hygiene practice is essential; because consumers aren’t static. Their behaviors and preferences change as…

Mobile Ready to Rumble

There is a massive shift happening in the world of email marketing. Have you felt it? You should, since most of us are now tied to our mobile devices from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. We’re always connected, meaning it’s never been easier…

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