Team Stirista: Shikhar Sharma


michael gremillion
Team Stirista: Michael Gremillion

Our “Team Stirista” spotlight for June features Michael Gremillion, our expert digital analyst who is always ready for new challenges! Michael is one of the original digital department team members and is always looking for new ideas and strategies to help our clients with their campaigns. Let’s learn more about…

dubious data providers
Beware of Dubious Data Providers: A 9-point Checklist

Are you hounded by email pitches offering access to all kinds of prospective business targets?  I am, and I hate it.  As a B2B marketer, I am always interested in new customer data sources, so I feel compelled to at least give them a listen.  But when I ask a…

doug pasquinelli
Answering your FAQs about Stirista

I’m the newest person on the Sales team and am very proud to represent Stirista! Like me, this company has a passion for creating direct and authentic connections, as well as helping businesses identify and effectively target their ideal customers with the ultimate goal, of course, of growing their bottom line.…

philip mundt
Team Stirista: Philip Mundt

Our monthly “Team Stirista” spotlight features Philip (Phil) Mundt, Stirista’s computer wiz and athletic deployment engineer from Spring, Texas. Phil’s average day revolves around deploying email campaigns and compiling lists from our database for clients. Let’s learn more about Phil.  1.) What do you like best about working at Stirista?…

data driven marketing trends
7 Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends (For 2019 and Beyond)

As the amount of data that can be collected online continues to rise, more advanced marketing strategies are becoming available. Today, we will look at some data-driven marketing trends to watch out for in 2018 and beyond. Here are the top seven (and most recent) data-driven marketing trends: 1.) The Use…

Transparency – A Mirage in the Digital World?

Going to the movies with a child is always a tough call! As young parents, you either wait for the child to grow up or look for a babysitter. But one day we decided to take our 5-year-old for a movie that promised to be entertaining. Ten minutes into the…

kelechi ibe digital marketing specialist at stirista
Team Stirista: Kelechi Ibe

Our bi-weekly “Team Stirista” spotlight features Kelechi Ibe, Stirista’s talented and dedicated digital marketing specialist. In his role, Kelechi works behind the scenes to ensure our clients and prospects are aware of our wide range of services, including the use of digital marketing tools on Google, our social media platforms,…

ajay camera
What Losing a Camera in College Taught Me About Hiring – and Ethics in Advertising

As most businesses struggle with millennial retention, the number of full-time people who have ever willingly left Stirista, a company dominated by millennials, can be counted on one hand. This is purely a product of the environment all of us have created – one that’s welcoming, challenging, and rewarding. The…

stirista third party data
Stirista Responds to Facebook’s Recent Statement Regarding Third-Party Data Brokers

As a result of growing client and media questions regarding Facebook’s recent statement concerning third-party data brokers, Stirista is issuing the following statements: Due to ongoing concerns regarding Facebook’s own use of third-party data, be advised that Stirista does not participate in Facebook Partner Categories, which allow Facebook advertisers to…

how to combat bot fraud in email marketing
How to Combat Bot Fraud in Email Marketing

(Originally published in DMCNY Postings) Email has a reputation as the most cost-effective marketing channel. Consumers like it, too. Research by our DSP partner Adobe found that 61% of consumers prefer to receive offers via email, while only 5% prefer social media. With many data vendors promising guaranteed open and…

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