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Business Email Lists – Instant Access to a 30 Million+ Business Email Database

Having access to your ideal prospects’ current email addresses is the cornerstone of any successful outreach campaign.

Stirista’s business email lists are perfect for marketers and businesses looking to reach business owners and decision makers directly by email or for those looking to add accurate email addresses to their current client records.


Buy Targeted Email Lists with Ease

At Stirista, business email lists can be accessed in three ways:

  1. Email List Rental (You won’t own the email records. Ideal for a single campaign).
  2. Buy targeted email lists (You own all the records you select).
  3. Data Licensing (Unlimited use of Stirista’s database with continual verification).

Our team can craft email lists of your target audiences within 24 to 48 hours (depending on the list size). Every email address Stirista provides goes through three forms of verification:

  • An SMTP check,
  • an MX lookup, and
  • a correction of syntax errors.

The result: All the emails can successfully receive incoming messages in their inbox!

Also, unlike others, Stirista’s contact data includes other important information, such as first and last name, phone numbers, postal address, SIC & NAICS codes, company name, and social media handles at no extra cost. Essentially, all the information found on an individual's business card and more.

business email lists

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Reach business decision makers from 82 different email marketing lists selects

  • Educational Services: 3.2 million emails
  • Business Services: 2.2 million emails
  • Engineering, Accounting & Management Services: 2.1 million emails
  • Health Services: 1.4 million emails
  • Real Estate: 660,721 emails
  • Social Services: 468,029 emails
  • Legal Services: 464,644 emails
  • Retail: 425,412 emails
  • Construction Special Trade Contractors: 296,970 emails
  • Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Stations: 250,214 emails

Plus, 72 additional industry segments!

For each segment above, specific job title, name, email, postal address, and social media handle is available for each contact.

How to Use Business Email Lists

After purchasing (or licensing) lists of business emails, here are three great ways to use them to promote your products or services.

1.) Send emails to decision makers.

This is the most common use of a business email list.

Before you send any email to decision makers, ensure you have done proper research on the company, its pain points and how your solution can resolve it. Remember it is not about you, it is about them. Therefore, recognizing their pain points should be the foundation of your email outreach.

For example, a recent Gartner Survey reveals that CEOs are concentrating on changing the structure of their companies to gain a deeper understanding of the digital business arena. When asked about their main obstacle to achieve this, a lack of talent and workforce capability was the biggest stumbling block. 

How can your solution help?

Simply stated, if your email is not benefit-driven it will be deleted before it is even opened, let alone read. This means your subject line should lead with the pain point you have found from your research, preferably accompanied by the first name of the contact. This is the first step.

Once they’ve opened your email, the next step is to lead with a benefit-driven introduction that restates and highlights their pain point (the reason they clicked on the email)

For example, let’s assume you are trying to reach the CMOs of a particular industry. Your subject line and introduction could start like this:

Subject line:

[First name], increase your company’s revenue and cut spend by 20 percent!

If I was a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of a company, you bet I would open that email! You would have my full, undivided attention!

Brief benefit-driven introduction:

“Hey [First name],

Imagine cutting your marketing spend by 20 percent while increasing your company’s revenue by double digits. I think you'll agree that this is really tough to accomplish.

But here is the truth:

It turns out you can reduce your marketing spend by 20 percent using an often overlooked strategy. And, in this case study just released for CMOs in XYZ industries, we show you exactly how to accomplish that!”

As you can see, the introduction is benefit-driven and restates the reason why they opened your email. Also, the rest of the content is tailored to a specific audience (CMOs in a specific industry - their industry).

The subject line and introduction of your emails are the two most important aspects of the email campaign. Follow these best practices to help maximize your outreach efforts.

2.) Launch an online ad campaign (multi-channel marketing).

Here’s the deal: Not everyone will open your email.

According to mailchimp, the average open rate for emails is roughly around 15 to 27 percent with click through rates around 1 to 4 percent.

What happens to the 73 to 85 percent of people who don’t open your emails or the 96 to 99 percent who don’t take action of any kind once they open your email?

To squeeze every bit of value from the business email lists you acquire, ensure you remarket to the same audience across multiple online channels like LinkedIn and Facebook. This is multi-channel marketing at its best.

Simply upload your business email addresses or names of their company on LinkedIn using their “matched audience” option.

Note: If you use the company name template, remember to filter your targeting according to job functions to ensure you are reaching the right individuals in those companies.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a matched audience on LinkedIn:

Step 1: Log into campaign manager.

Under ACCOUNT ASSETS, select Matched Audiences.

(Click on images to zoom)

linkedin matched audience

Step 2: On the next page, click on Uploaded list audiences.

linkedin uploaded list audiences

Step 3: Next, click on Upload a list.

upload your list in linkedin

Step 4: Select either Account Lists or Contact Lists. The former is for lists of companies and the latter is for list of email addresses.

upload lists of accounts or contacts

For Facebook, a solution like StiristaLINK can help acquire the consumer emails of your B2B prospects in order to reach them on Facebook.

StiristaLINK helps you connect B2B and B2C data of prospects in order to find their single identity on different platforms so as to reach them wherever they are.

So far, we have matched 55 million consumer emails to B2B profiles and enhanced 20 million B2B profiles with consumer information, allowing our clients the ability to reach business professionals at home or while they are using their personal social media accounts.

Once consumer emails of your B2B prospects are acquired, use the “Custom Audience” option on Facebook to retarget the same people.

facebook custom audience
facebook custom audience customer file

3.) Reach the same audience with a direct mail campaign.

Our business email lists comes with the prospects’ full information, not just their emails addresses. Among the other information you’ll receive is their postal address (most data providers will ask you to order for this information separately).

Sending a direct mail, while an extra step, can be effective in reaching prospects using another channel.

This is especially important when reports show that 70 percent of Americans say that a physical mail piece is more personal than receiving an email. Also, a study conducted by USPS found that customers who receives a direct mail actually spend 28% more than those who don't.

Get in front of decision makers and business owners.

We hope this comprehensive guide helps you accomplish your business objectives.

Contact us with the form on this page and let our award-winning team create the a business email lists for you, as well as advise you on how to make the most out of it.

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