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Business Mailing Lists – Get Verified Postal Addresses of Your Prospects

Stirista’s business mailing lists comprise of 1.7 million+ triple-verified company postal addresses that help businesses power their direct mail campaign and account-based marketing efforts.

As with most data purchase with Stirista, we provide every information needed to reach your prospects on multiple channels (at no extra cost).

As a result, a standard business mailing list purchase will also include:

  • First and last name of decision makers you plan to address the mail to.
  • Email address (for email campaigns or for creating custom audience segments for social media advertising).
  • Company phone number for direct dials.
  • Job title (for message personalization).
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Website
  • Employee size
  • Estimated annual revenue
  • City and State
  • SIC and NAICS code
  • Year founded


Buy Business Mailing Lists by Zip Code

Only interested in businesses within specific zip codes? We have you covered.

Our mailing lists have been segmented by zip code to help marketers reach businesses and decision makers in specific geographical locations.

For example, we have postal addresses of 3,097 businesses located in New York City, 10001 and 1,516 businesses in San Deigo, 92101. Businesses within those zip code can then be further segmented by the specific industry for precise targeting.


Is Direct Mail Still Effective?

Direct Mail Still Works!

Did you know that the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivers 509 million pieces of mail every day? That’s 21.2 million pieces per hour or 353,000 per minute!

Here are some other stats:

  • 70% of Americans say that a physical mail is “more personal” than receiving an email. Additionally, 60% of all direct mail recipients will visit a website if it is listed on the ad. And, even if a mail is junk, 70 – 80% of direct mail recipients say they open it anyway! (source).
  • Direct mail helped improve the lift of local ads by 44% and online campaigns by 62% (source).
  • 81% of recipients read or scan their mail daily (source).

As a result, direct mail campaigns continue to be a powerful method of acquiring new customers.

However, to get your messages to be read and acted upon, your mail piece must reach your target audience, and this is where Stirista comes in.

Our direct mail lists are 100% deterministic, which means they are compiled at an individual level, ensuring a 1:1 match to your ideal customers. Matched with the right ad creative and messaging (which we also can craft for you) – you can look forward to results that can include:

  • A significant lift in delivery,
  • engagement,
  • sales and
  • coupon redemption (if applicable)

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