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Buy Targeted Email Lists – The Complete Guide

Getting in front of your target audience to promote your products or services used to be difficult. But times have changed for the better. These days, it’s relatively easy to reach your ideal prospects quickly through an email marketing campaign and online display ads, by acquiring a targeted email list.


Reach over 250 million consumers by email

Stirista is a leading provider of top-quality consumer email lists. Our 250 million+ consumer emails have been triple-verified for deliverability. It has also been matched with 305 different occupations and 190 million+ social handles which enables us to build custom intent audiences. This helps you narrow down to your ideal customers with great precision.

We also have competitive conquesting capabilities. We can isolate your competitors' followers on social media, remove all PII (personally identifiable information) and make this audience segment available for targeting.

Stirista was the first to make deterministic social insights available outside the originating social platform.

Our segmentation capability by consumer occupation is especially effective for selecting targets. Here is a sampling of the occupations you can choose from, along with the counts available currently.

  • Clerical / White Collar: 8,398,633 emails
  • Craftsman / Blue Collar: 7,191,622 emails
  • Homemaker: 4,124,763 emails
  • Administration / Managerial: 3,428,676 emails
  • Retired: 2,649,703 emails
  • Medical Professional: 2,137,108 emails
  • Sales / Service: 1,005,034 emails
  • Financial Professional: 677,712 emails
  • Self Employed: 474,563 emails
  • Student: 437,612 emails

These email segments can be broken down to more specifics, as well. For example, Managerial could be narrowed down to General Manager, Marketing Manager, Property Manager, Branch Manager, District Manager, Regional Manager, and others.

Likewise, Medical Professionals could be broken down into Chiropractor, Dentist, Medical Assistant, Registered Nurse, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Optician, Optometrist, Psychologist, and so on.

Furthermore, we can narrow your audience based on demographic attributes such as age, ethnicity, education, marital status, gender, income level, and online  interest. This leaves you with the precise emails of your ideal customers.​

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How to use B2C email lists for marketing campaigns

  • Develop a relevant message to your target audience. Don’t forget to stress the benefits to them and include a compelling offer with a prominent call to action.
  • Send out the message as an email campaign to your target audience.
  • Reach the same customers on social media using Facebook or Instagram ads by creating a custom audience with their email addresses.
  • Append your current consumer records with their most up-to-date and reachable emails.
  • Send a direct mail piece to your potential customer’s postal address, which is included at no extra cost with your email list purchase from Stirista.

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​Access to a 30 million+ business email database

Our business email database covers 82 different industry-specific segments.

Below is a sampling of some of them, along with currently available counts:

  • Educational Services: 3.2 million emails
  • Business Services: 2.2 million emails
  • Engineering, Accounting & Management Services: 2.1 million emails
  • Health Services: 1.4 million emails
  • Real Estate: 660,721 emails
  • Social Services: 468,029 emails
  • Legal Services: 464,644 emails
  • Retail: 425,412 emails
  • Construction Special Trade Contractors: 296,970 emails
  • Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Stations: 250,214 emails

And 72 more industry segments!

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How to use B2B email lists for marketing campaigns

  • Develop a message that speaks to your target audience’s business problems and how you can solve them. Do your research first to understand their needs and pain points.
  • Send out an email campaign to business decision makers.
  • Append your current business records with their most up-to-date and reachable business email addresses.
  • Send a direct mail to their postal address. These days, postal mail is a real standout among business communications media channels. As discussed above, there is no need to purchase mailing lists separately with Stirista. We include every available information in a single purchase!
  • Reach the same prospects on professional networks like LinkedIn by creating a matched audience with their email addresses.

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3 options you have when acquiring email lists

1.) Rent an email list (the least popular option)

Email list rental is a great option if you don’t wish to maintain your own database. Stirista can help you send your email campaigns as you need them. Simply describe your target market for us, and we will create the most accurate segment for you. We also help you with the email creative, if needed.

When an email deployment is combined with a great offer and beautiful website experience, you can build your own opt-in email database, thereby leveraging our large email database to build yours.

2.) Buy targeted email lists (the most popular option)

Purchasing the list of emails of your target audience is a solid investment. With this option, you own the records and can use them as often as you like.

As discussed above, you can use the data for direct customer acquisition campaigns through email, online display, and/or direct mail. You can also use the email addresses to target social media campaigns with precision.

3.) License an entire email database from a data provider like Stirista (data licensing)

When you license our data, you get unlimited use of our entire email database plus continual ongoing verification and updates. You can put it to work in as many campaigns as you want.

If you are thinking about starting your own marketing agency or data company, data licensing is a great way to get into the game and service your clients with ease, at a reasonable cost.

However, before entering into any data licensing partnership, ensure that you properly vet the quality of the email lists.

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Accuracy is Everything

At Stirista, we stand by our data and use it for all our in-house campaigns. Our business and consumer dataset consists only of information that we can verify and tie back to a real postal address and IP address. We place a great emphasis on keeping this data clean and verified.

In 2017, we helped Great Clips increase their ROI by 135%. To create the best targeting possible for Great Clips, we mined our massive consumer database to add email, phone number, and any missing elements like name and postal address to their file. We also supplied additional data that allowed a high degree of behavioral and demographic targeting.

Click here to view the full Great Clips case study.

We are proud to note that the campaign won a Silver Echo award from the Data and Marketing Association in the category of Best Retail Campaign of 2017.

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