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Email Append – Consumer & Business Email Append Service

Stirista consumer and business email append services help you add the missing email addresses in your marketing database.

Most businesses may not realize it, but their outreach efforts are likely crippled due to incomplete customer data. While they may have postal addresses, first and last names, or even phone numbers, they may lack information that’s current, including their prospects’ most recent, reachable email addresses.


Email appends are an effective way to solve this dilemma.

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How Does Email Appending Work?

Email appending is done by utilizing information a known customer record, (such as name and postal address) and matching it against the records provided by a reputable data vendor to update the record with the consumers’ current email address (among other data points, if needed).

Email Append Services Available.

Stirista offers the following email append services:

  1. Consumer Email Append: Leverage our more than 240 million consumer email database to find your customers' current email. But go beyond email and get access to other behavioral insights of your customers such as social media handles, household income and online interests, all available upon request!

    At Stirista, we are more than just a data provider, we help businesses understand their customers to help them make smart data-driven decisions.
  2. Business Email Append: Our business email database consist of 30 million+ triple-verified emails

    "Triple-verified" simply means the emails in our database have gone through three forms of verification to ensure deliverability: an SMTP check, an MX lookup and a correction of syntax errors. Therefore, Stirista’s email database contains only deliverable email addresses.

    Also available on request is other firmographic information such as company size, SIC & NAICS code, estimated revenue, and LinkedIn profiles.
  3. Reverse Email AppendInvolves using your customer (or potential customer) email address and matching it against our massive database to obtain their name, postal address, phone number, social media handles and other behavior and demographic information.

In all cases, clients pay only for the information Stirista successfully appends and is not based on the size of the entire record.

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Match Rate

Industry match rate for email appends is around 15 - 20% depending on the quality of data provided. However, we have attained match rates as high as 40 - 50% for some our clients.

Email Append Best Practices to Follow

1.) Provide correct information to the data vendor.

As previously stated, to attain a good match rate, ensure the information provided is the correct contact information the data provider needs, in an easy-to-read format (preferably in an Excel csv file).

  • For B2C email appends: Full postal and name.
  • For B2B email appends: Full postal and name, company name and company domain.

2.) Have quality in-house information.

A good match rate also depends on the in-house data quality. Having old data (such as where consumers have changed addresses or employees have switched companies) might hurt match quantity. To avoid this, ensure the data runs through data validation updates monthly, quarterly or biannually.

3.) Prioritize your active customers.

If you have a large database, consider isolating the information of your most active customers to update their emails first. Then move on to your other older records.

4.) Work with the right provider.

Ensure that you are working with a data provider that thoroughly complies with the Data & Marketing Association’s (DMA) guidelines in order to prevent your sender IP address from being blacklisted.

TIP: A reputable data provider not only will send a “welcome email” to test for hard bounces on the appended email addresses, they also will perform a global suppression, which removes blacklist emails domains, DMA do-not-email files and known complainers from your appended emails.

At Stirista, we do that for our clients as part of our value-added service.

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Benefits of Email Appends

1.) Adding a new communication channel.

One of the main benefits of appending emails is to grow your email list in order to send customers information via email as opposed to depending solely on traditional direct mailings or telemarketing. This is true for many industries, including real estate, nonprofits, schools and churches.

While many companies use direct mail as their primary marketing strategy, an email marketing campaign deployed to the same audience also is a smart strategy to consider.

2.) Implement an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Now more than ever, customers need to be met across multiple channels and touchpoints. According to a consumer insight report from Google, consumers are always on the go and consume information across multiple channels and devices.

By obtaining the targeted customers’ email addresses, adding online display advertising to your marketing strategy can be a snap.

Using Facebook’s custom audience, LinkedIn’s matched audience, and Twitter tailored audience, you can now reach your customers across multiple devices and different marketing channels for a full, omnichannel marketing outreach.

3.) Email hygiene and verification.

If you already have an opt-in email list, how do you know the email addresses are correct and current? Many email addresses are unintentionally entered incorrectly on webforms or even when handwritten.

Sending emails multiple times to the wrong email addresses (or to those who haven’t opted-in to receiving communication) can harm your sender reputation and, in most cases, lead to your IP address being blocked from sending future emails.

According to industry experts, out of 1,000 contacts, 4.5 percent of them become invalid after 28 days. By using an email append service provider like Stirista, you can be assured that all email addresses in your database have been triple verified and can receive emails.

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Looking to append emails to a current record?

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