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Email List Rental – The Ultimate Renting Guide for Email Marketers

If you are reading this, chances are you are searching for how much it costs to rent an email list, or you may be looking for email list rental services that can help you reach your ideal customers in the quickest way possible.


In this guide, we walk you through everything you need to know about renting an email list to guarantee a successful email outreach campaign.

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What does renting an email list actually mean?
Email list rental best practices.
How to avoid shady email list rental companies and brokers
Stirista email list rental services

What does renting an email list mean?

When you rent an email list, you gain one-time right to contact the name, but the email list owner conducts the mailing for you. Therefore, you don't own the lists.

Email rental is quite different from email lists purchase. When you buy an email list, you take possession of the email addresses you select, and have the right to use it as often as you like. Meanwhile, email lists rental is for a single campaign.

For example, at Stirista, we start an email list rental campaign by segmenting our vast database and crafting your ideal audience segment. We then collect your content and email creative (or, we can help produce the creative for you, if needed).

We then make professional edits to remove any words or phrases that could potentially trigger spam traps, and we send your email message out to your audience segment.

Finally, we send you a detailed report showing the actual performance of your campaign, including open rate and click-through rate statistics.

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Email list rental best practices.

Before you decide on which email lists to rent, review these five best practices:

1.) Know your customer’s main pain point, and tailor your message accordingly.

Before sending an email campaign, do some research in your customers’ needs. Be sure you know what keeps your audience up at night. This is especially important because by including this pain point in your email subject line and introductory paragraph of your email, you will dramatically improve response.

Remember, it is not about your needs or what you are trying to sell them. It is about helping your email recipients solve a pressing problem they have. Your product or service just happens to be the solution they might consider.

2.) Have a compelling email creative.

On average, consumers spend approximately 11 seconds reading or skimming through sales emails. So, it's important to make every second as impactful and engaging as possible. And, it all begins with the subject line – which should be short, to the point, benefit-driven and no more than 60 characters in length, preferably.

The purpose of the subject line is to get the prospect to read (or skim) the first paragraph. The purpose of the first paragraph is to get them to read the second paragraph and so on… leading to one call-to-action (CTA) – the desired action you’d like the prospect to take, with the proper introduction preceding it briefly explaining what awaits them (the benefit) when the “click” on the button.

Paragraphs should contain no more than three to four sentences with no more than 15-20 words per sentence for easy readability.

Emails that communicate a sense of urgency (limited-time offer, don’t miss out, last chance, etc.) tend to get higher engagement rates. All-in-all, the shorter the email, with a clear CTA, the higher the engagement.

3.) Have a high converting landing page.

When launching an email list rental campaign, you have a few seconds to convince a person to take action on your website. Therefore, having a high converting landing page could be the difference between success and failure.

For the best result, ensure your landing page copy matches the content and call to action in your email.

Email-to-landing page relevancy is key!

The headline on your landing page should restate the pain points you discovered and shared in your subject line and introductory paragraph. Call to action buttons should be clear and easy to find on the page.

Also, the landing page needs to load fast and be responsive on a mobile device.

4.) Build a retargeting list.

A retargeting list allows you to continue the contact with your prospects through online channels, to reinforce your message, and deploy a second “touch” that will give you a few extra percentage points of response.

By placing a cookie on your website visitor’s computer, you have the opportunity to remarket to the prospects in the period after the email campaign. This is similar to sending multiple emails to your subscriber list, but actually more powerful, because it reaches them through a different, unexpected, medium.

You can remarket to these audiences on social media, and also through display advertising across different websites in the Google Display Network. Just ensure you have Facebook pixel, Google remarketing tag, and LinkedIn’s insight tag implemented on your website to begin collecting data.

For best results, we recommend that you create a special landing page for each email list rental campaign. This way, you can create a separate audience on those platforms, and treat them differently over time.

As an example, you can create a retargeting list on Facebook using the URL of the special page and title it “Email List Rental Audience FB1”. This way you can continue to add people who clicked the link in your email campaign and landed on your website in your retargeting list.

Using these tactics allows you to grow your own opt-in marketing list. The only difference is you are building a list of cookies you can remarket to in the future. This is great for developing brand awareness and converting a sale down the line once people know, like, and trust your brand.

5.) Use email list rental services to build your own opt-in email list.

The whole idea of renting an email list is to leverage a large third-party database to either sell your service or grow your own email lists. So be sure that you send your email recipients to a website where they can subscribe to learn more from you. This, in turn, allows you to build your database for ongoing use

You can capture opt-in names by adding a web form on your website, where respondents must enter their email addresses to get the complete information or an offer they might be interested in.

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How to avoid shady email list rental companies and brokers.

Unfortunately, there are many email list rental companies who make false claims. Avoid any vendor who claims to guarantee open rates and click-through rates. This is a clear red flag that you are dealing with an unreliable vendor.

Start by asking your data vendor candidates these five questions:

  • What steps does your company take to ensure that the data you provide is clean and verifiable?
  • What anti-fraud measures does your company have in place to ensure the integrity of your data?
  • Can you guarantee click rates on my email campaign? (It’s a warning sign if they say they can)
  • Can you give me real-time access to the reporting from my campaign?
  • What is your procedure should we suspect possible ad fraud connected to our data or campaigns? (Ad fraud and bot traffic is an epidemic. Learn how to combat this issue.)

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Interested in our email list rental services?

At Stirista, we offer custom-made email list rental services at an affordable rate, designed to help you meet your marketing goals. Our email database which can be segmented according to gender, location,zip codes, household income, occupation, and job titles--consists of 250 million+ consumer (B2C) emails and over 30 million business (B2B) email addresses.

Every email address in our database is triple-verified, which means they have gone through three forms of verification: an SMTP check, an MX lookup, and a complete correction of any syntax errors. This mean your emails will reach the inbox of your prospects safely.

We stand by our data quality. In fact, we rely on our data for our own in-house marketing. Our clients rely on it, too. Great Clips improve their ROI by 135% using our data. For details, check out the full case study.

We are proud to note that the campaign won a Silver Echo award from the Digital and Marketing Association in the category of Best Retail Campaign of 2017.

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Ready to get in front of your customers?

Contact Stirista with the form on this page and let our award-winning team help you create a powerful and productive email marketing campaign.

If you prefer to buy targeted email lists as opposed to renting, we have that option as well. In fact, we are happy to discuss your situation and advise you on whether rental or purchase may better suit your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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