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Email Lists Purchase – Complete Buying Guide for Email Marketers

Purchasing an email list is a great way to reach your target audience and grow your business. Quickly.

Today we will go over some misconceptions as well as how to use a purchased email list for effective marketing campaigns.


Despite what you may hear from some “inbound marketing” advocates, smart marketers can leverage an existing email database to reach hard-to-find target audiences and drive significant growth in their businesses.

Making the case for email lists purchase

email lists purchase

Let’s consider a hypothetical example of a business owner who recently launched a revolutionary new hair care product. Her main goal is to get the products in the hands of hair and beauty salons across the United States.

Without any previous contacts, how can she reach all the hair and beauty salons in the country efficiently?

Certainly she cannot build an “opt-in” email list of decision makers and owners of hair and beauty salons in the US from scratch. Even if she could, it will take a very long time and would lack the ability to scale her advertising efforts.

Worst of all, if this is a trending product, she may miss the initial wave of customers!

By working with a reputable email provider like Stirista, she can acquire the information she needs to build her business fast. In this example, we could provide:

  • A complete list of hair and beauty salons in the United States.
  • The business email addresses of key decision makers and other employees in those salons, plus their job titles.
  • Their personal email addresses, in some cases.
  • The company phone numbers.
  • The postal addresses of those salons.

So equipped, she can begin to drive real business growth. To start, she could send an actual sample of her products to some select hair salons through direct mail.

But here is where purchasing a list of emails of decision makers in those hair salons becomes incredibly powerful. What if she could prepare a couple of video testimonials from her actual customers sharing their good experience with her products? Or maybe a 2-minute demonstration video of how her products are better than other store brands?

She can upload the video on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and use the list of emails (or company names) acquired to create a custom audience for precise targeting on those platforms!

Put yourself in the shoes of those decision makers (whose job is to increase store revenue), watching those great customer testimonials videos and demonstrations of how the product is used, along with a call to action to “request free samples.” This is precision targeting at scale.

It would have taken her years (and perhaps many missed opportunities) to develop a campaign like this from scratch. This example vividly shows the power of buying a list to grow your business.

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FUN FACT: Do you know you can rent email lists?

How to choose the right email list provider

In an effort to save money, most marketers end up going with the "cheapest" provider they find online. Please note that the best place to buy email lists isn't necessarily with the cheapest provider. Assuredly, it is with the provider with a proven track record.

As a result, be weary of data providers who never use their data in their own marketing campaigns. Ensure that their data have been successfully used in marketing campaigns in the past. Do your research and ask for case studies! 

At Stirista, we use our own data for agency and client services, which recently, earned us a Silver DMA International ECHO Award. So we always make sure our data is completely accurate.

Some things to look for in a good email list provider include:

Also, before making a commitment, ensure you follow this 9-point checklist to help you spot dubious data providers.

For example, a telltale sign that you might be working with the wrong email list provider is when they require 100% pre-payment. You should always be able to request for a sample list of your target prospects and if possible, the social media handles of the contacts.

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Details on data sourcing by vertical

At Stirista, we are completely transparent about the sources of our data.




We standardize our data from a few transactional sources including insurance, warranty, and service providers. No time restricted data is used so our auto lists are not subject to the restrictions that apply to DMV data. Our auto data is DPPA/Shelby Act compliant.


* We have a hybrid compilation of offline and online sources. We capture email, name, postal, and other relevant business card information. We then append company information based on domain.

* We also have partnerships with retailers and websites that allow customers to receive opt-in -third party offers that match their consumer data.

* Business data is collected directly from companies through surveys and phone calls.

* Alliances with marketing agencies and research companies also contribute.


B2C data is aggregated from many suppliers including surveys, sweepstakes, online purchases, and many other reliable sources. Our B2C data consists only of information that we can verify a real postal address and IP address. We place a great emphasis on keeping this data clean and verified.

Trigger Data (Life Event)

* New Movers & Pre-Movers – sourced from utilities,deed registrations, change of address files, pending sale contracts, etc.

* First-time Home Buyers – Multi-sourced from public record data, deeds, new connect feeds, and a subset of our new mover files.

* New Business – sources from government registrations,phone and utility records, tax records, professional licenses.

* Newly Engaged – Multi-sourced from wedding purchases, wedding registries, sample wedding-invitation lists, and more.

* Newlyweds – Multi-sourced from public records, surveys, and our newly engaged file once the wedding date passes.

* New Moms – Multi-sourced from birth announcement orders, baby registry registrants, maternity-wear buyers, and more.

* Specific data sources available on request.


* State voter registration is public information and we compile this data by aggregating it from states and countries; certain states do not require citizens to name a party in their registration and in those instances we model this data based on voting records.

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How to use a purchased email list for marketing campaigns.

1.) Make sure your prospecting email message is benefit driven.

The reason most marketers get low email engagement is because they focus on just their needs instead of the needs of their target audience.

Do some research to find out what keeps your ideal customer up at night. What are their pain points? Craft your email message as a possible solution to that need. Include the solution to those pain points—the benefits—in your email subject line and in the opening paragraph.

2.) Build your own opt-in email list. Yes, it is possible, over time.

Most people mistakenly equate purchasing targeted email lists to cold emailing.

But consider the example above of the store owner. She should structure all her marketing outreach to include a motivational offer, a call to action and a response device, so her various audiences can help her begin to build her own opt-in email database.

For example, she can use responsive media options like Facebook Lead ads and LinkedIn lead gen forms to capture prospect information. That data can then be funneled into her opt-in permission-based email list or CRM.

3.) Refresh your current email database with updated and reachable email addresses.

In just one year, between 20-30 percent of email lists become inactive due to lack of proper email hygiene. By working with a data provider like Stirista, you can validate the active status of your current email addresses, and replace any inactives with active and reachable email addresses.

4.) Add missing email addresses to your current records.

Similar to updating your in-house email list with the current and reachable emails of your subscribers, adding missing emails to your current record is one of the great benefits of acquiring an email list.

You may have the names and phone numbers of your target prospects but need to append emails to your list. Purchasing an email lists helps with this.

5.) If you are a B2B marketer, add postal address, location, SIC and NAICS codes, and other company firmographic information.

Once you acquire the most accurate emails of your prospects, you can then reverse append that email address to find other key information that will enrich the prospect record.

Using our Stirista Append services, you can get creative with all kinds of approaches to data enrichment.

For example, you can attain postal addresses if you wish to run a direct mail campaign. You can also get other firmographic information like company size, estimated annual revenue, SIC or NAICS codes, and social media handles.

This gives fresh insight into your prospects, and to communicate with them through a variety of channels.

6.) For B2B businesses, gain direct access to relevant decision makers.

Buying business email lists of decision makers is paramount in closing deals. At Stirista, we have over 30 million+ triple verified business email addresses available for your purchase or append. Let us help you grow your business with fresh names and companies for your outreach.

7.) For B2C businesses, reach your potential customers based on their occupation.

Stirista’s database of 250 million+ consumer email addresses have been successfully matched with 305 different occupations. This precise segmentation opens new doors in pursuit of customers. For example, consider the nurse t-shirts that are offered on Etsy these days.

A marketer of nurse t-shirts can purchase the records of consumers who are nurses, and either email them a promotion, send them a direct mail piece or onboard this audience on social platforms for precise online targeting.

The possibilities are endless!

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Interested in purchasing an email list?

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