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Reverse Email Append: Add Postal Address & More to Your Email List

As a marketer, you probably already have the email address of your customers, or you may have used an email append solution to add the email to your records.

But what if you decide to take a multichannel marketing approach and launch a direct mail marketing campaign to these targets? You need their postal mailing addresses which is where reverse email appends come into play.


What is a Reverse Email Append?

Reverse email append is the process of using the email address of your customers to obtain their names and postal address. This is done by matching their email address against a data provider’s database.

Reverse Email Append Service You Can Trust

Stirista reverse email append service can help you add postal addresses to your email list with confidence. We will fill in the full names and postal addresses of your consumer records by matching your email database against our 244 million consumer postal address database.

The same process can be done for your B2B records, where we match your business emails against our 30 million+ business postal record database to obtain the names and postal addresses of your business contacts.

The sources of our postal data include:

  • Partnerships with retailers and websites that allow customers to opt in to third-party offers that match their consumer profiles.
  • Business data collected directly from companies through surveys and phone calls.
  • Alliances with marketing agencies and research companies.
  • Magazine subscriptions.
  • SEC filings.
  • Other sources of publicly available information.

Our process is completely transparent, and we welcome your questions on any details about our reverse append service.

The Benefits of Using Reverse Email Append

There are three main benefits of using a reverse email append service.

1.) Fill in missing information in your records.

All businesses need the full, and reachable, contact information of their prospects. However, life happens. People change address, or phone numbers, and enter incorrect information on forms. And misspellings can occur.

A reverse email append service is a great way to add the accurate names, phone numbers, and primary postal address of your prospects with city, state, and zip code included on the consumer side; and company and contact level names, titles, and postal information on the business side.

2.) Build your email list faster, to increase lead inflow.

Asking for fewer information on web forms increases response rates, and thus improves lead generation efforts. Most business owners are now using this strategy to grow their email list faster, as more and more people are become hesitant to divulge all their information to a company—even if they are interested the offering.

So, on your web form, you can improve response by asking for only an email address, and then use reverse email append to fill the rest of their information later.

3.) Take advantage of the power of direct mail.

Email marketing is a great start once you have your customers email address. However, your customers are always on the go, and they consume information from multiple channels. By having their postal address and demographic information appended to your list, you can launch a direct mail campaign targeting the same people for increased top-of-mind brand awareness, and response.

Direct mail campaigns are still surprisingly effective. Research shows that 70% of Americans say that they consider a physical piece of mail more personal than a standard email communication.

Interested in a Reverse Email Append service?

Contact us with the form on this page describing your project, and a member of our team will be in touch with you right away. We look forward to helping you meet your marketing goals.

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