Shopping For An Audience?

We know (and we know that you know) that it pays to know your audience.

By identifying and marketing to your target audience, more precisely and lower in the funnel, you save your potential buyers the headache of bumbling through online catalogs searching for the specific products they need. Once you make buying less of a shot in the dark, selling becomes less of a gamble. Personalized content—like emails and offers—increases engagement, leads to more customer loyalty, and allows you to build an authentic connection with consumers. This, in turn, leads to higher conversion rates.

If you don’t segment a larger audience effectively, you run the risk of creating impersonal messaging that’s either irrelevant or won’t resonate with your potential buyers—leading to fewer clicks, fewer leads, and a lower ROI.

If targeted or addressable campaigns will perform better than generic ones, why do brands still launch campaigns with too broad an audience or rely on basic lookalikes? If personalized emails get transaction rates six times as high as generic ones, why do only 30 percent of brands use them? Why is $37 billion wasted in ad spend every year from ads that fail to engage the target audience? Why risk not individualizing content?

Marketers might worry that it would take a lot of time, trial-and-error, potential missteps, and a large investment of resources to whittle down data by the right factors to end up with the perfect audience segment. That’s where Stirista’s syndicated audiences come into the picture.

Stirista’s pre-built syndicated audiences make finding an audience as simple as walking down a supermarket aisle and picking one off the shelf. They’re designed, tested, and verified to be accurate and effective, allowing you to get your campaigns to market much faster than the traditional route and associated supply chain issues that come with waiting for a sales or marketing team to carve up the data for you.

While every marketer may be rushing to appeal to the new moms and dads, what about the women over fifty currently looking for sustainable lip filler products? New parents and recent movers might be every marketer’s bread-and-butter, but our audience segments are designed to go beyond your typical sought-after groups, in the identification of niche and trending audience segments.

With 30,000 segments to choose from across 17 verticals (one of the highest in the marketplace), Stirista has a segment for nearly any audience you can think of. While you might be looking for a broad audience segment like pet owners, you can also get as particular as under-30 health-conscious pet parents looking for CBD products for their dogs. Stirista likely already has a segment online.

Our team is on a constant quest to provide the most accurate and up-to-date data—so you don’t have to worry about wasting impressions on inaccurate audiences. Stirista provides transparent sourcing details for all our audience segments, validating data through services like Truthset—part of the reason eight out of ten of the largest brand advertisers trust Stirista data to power their campaigns.

Our syndicated audiences are available in every major data marketplace. We’re distributing via LiveRamp to major platforms such as TradeDesk, MediaMath, and Facebook. Through syndicated audiences, not only do you get effective, accurate targeting, but you can get your campaigns to market faster—allowing you to put more effort into reaching your customers, personally.


At Stirista, Identity is our Identity, and we have a simple mission: help marketers generate revenue with our identity-level data. As marketers ourselves, we know that one-size-fits-all solutions and decayed data don’t work, so we built our modular and real-time OMNA Identity Graph from the ground up to arm you with marketing data that actually works.