Stirista Responds to Facebook’s Recent Statement Regarding Third-Party Data Brokers

As a result of growing client and media questions regarding Facebook’s recent statement concerning third-party data brokers, Stirista is issuing the following statements:

Due to ongoing concerns regarding Facebook’s own use of third-party data, be advised that Stirista does not participate in Facebook Partner Categories, which allow Facebook advertisers to leverage third-party data to run advertisements.

Stirista’s primary use case for supporting Facebook advertising continues to be in leveraging first-party data from its major retail clients to create custom audience segments to better support and run advertising efforts for major brands and ad agencies. Stirista will continue to monitor Facebook’s guidelines on creating custom audience segments for clients.

Stirista and its subsidiaries will remain at the forefront of the movement calling for transparency in data and advertising and will continue to call upon other major data providers to self-regulate and better vet their data providers. Stirista does not believe data privacy and advertising fraud can be resolved by simply adding more questions to data privacy questionnaires, as many data providers continue to do. Major data companies continue to outsource their email, display, and social campaigns, for instance, to companies of questionable repute. This undermines the entire industry and blurs the line between good and unethical data providers.

Given the current state of the industry, Stirista cautiously supports Facebook’s stance on third-party data; however, Stirista requests that not all data providers be treated similarly. PII-stripped data, while good for privacy, has also led to much bad data flowing through the digital eco-system.

Further, Stirista’s CEO, Ajay Gupta, comments, “I call upon Mark and my friends at Facebook to lead the charge on customer privacy by providing their own users an explicit choice on whether they wish to be targeted by Facebook’s ad network. This choice must be presented in clear language with a simple yes or no response without the myriad of privacy options designed by a law firm. Otherwise, Facebook’s stance is no different than any third-party data provider that depends on consent lost in a complex privacy policy statement. I believe that this will give Mark’s position the credibility he seeks.”

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