Case Study / Agency

Stirista Helped B2B Agency Achieve $25.76 CPC

An agency representing an enterprise infrastructure and logistics company needed to bring full multichannel capabilities to its account-based marketing (ABM) program in a way that held the channels accountable for account-level, funnel-driving performance.


Cost per conversion


Target accounts converted


To achieve these goals, the company knew they needed a data-driven marketing partner with a broad and deep set of B2B data, an identity graph that can build ABM targeting segments capable of actually reaching those contacts, multichannel media buying

technologies, an expert team of digital media planners and buyers, and an ABM-compatible multichannel attribution system for holding the campaigns accountable to funnel-driving KPIs.


Stirista’s answer was a combination of data enrichment, programmatic activation, and attribution. First, we onboarded data from their list of known target contacts as programmatic targeting segments. Next, we used their list of target companies and a set of job titles, functions, and seniority criteria to help them identify even more target contacts, and created supplemental targeting data segments of those contacts – helping them maximize their reach into this key set of buyers.

Stirista’s expert media planning and buying team then executed a Display campaign that customized messaging to each of their different buyer’s personas and funnel stages. Finally, using Visitor Identity Graph (VIG) data we performed view-through attribution reporting that captured both the website visitors and specific conversion events.


Stirista provided personalized campaigns to win over particular accounts and was able to match visits and conversions to the specific target ABM accounts the visitor worked for to improve business outcomes. In just 42 days, the campaign successfully converted nearly 90 of their target accounts, for a cost per conversion of $25.76.

With access to Stirista’s granular attribution breakdowns, we were also able to help the agency continually optimize its spend toward the targeting, messaging, and media tactics that were performing best.