Linking B2B and B2C Data for a 360-Degree Prospect View

Connecting B2B and B2C Data to Reach the Right People Wherever They Are

Until recently, data profiles were fragmented—companies knew about the professional or the consumer, but never both. That's why we created StiristaLINK, a groundbreaking data product that links our B2B and B2C databases, giving you access to exclusive 360-degree profiles that reveal the people behind the numbers.

StiristaLINK has already matched 55 million consumer emails to B2B profiles and enhanced 20 million B2B profiles with consumer information. And thanks to our proprietary geo-coding technology, StiristaLINK has a 97% accuracy rate. Consider what you can do with StiristaLINK:

  • Reach professionals at home or while they are using their social accounts.
  • Improve targeting and segmentation in either market.
  • Offer consumer products based on work status.
  • Segment more precisely using interests and leisure activities.
  • Quadruple your universe of display and social media advertising targets.
  • Access hard-to-reach segments, such as millennials.
  • Augment your contacts with complex combinations of B2B and B2C, made possible by over 400 filters.

Connecting B2B and B2C Data to Reach the Right People Wherever They Are

“ Stirista ’ s unique data, which combines traditional B2B data with social information, helps us target HR decision makers who can influence the health of employee populations through our products and services. Stirista understands our unique needs as a traditionally B2C company operating in the B2B space and looks for unique ways to target individuals interested in health and wellness.”

Cindy Bubniak

Director of Marketing

Weight Watchers International

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