If You're Not Talking To The Right Audience, You Have No Audience.

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Strong Identity

Verified Identity Data
To Build Better Audiences

With 30,000 segments to choose from across 17 verticals, Stirista can help you identify and reach the right audience. And because we are digital experts with our own ESP and DSP, we can always bring your campaigns to life and provide reporting. From audience selection to activation to measurement, we have you covered.

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Right Audience

Get On Target Faster With More Accuracy

We know (and we know that you know) that it pays to know your audience.

By identifying and marketing to your target audience, more precisely and lower in the funnel, you save your potential buyers the headache of bumbling through online catalogs searching for the specific products they need.

We utilize a stepwise regression process that creates scalable audience segments which means we're selecting billions of independent variables in a model on an iterative process of adding or removing variables. Just to make sure that you don't miss when you shoot your shot.


Audience Data that Isn't Limited To A Single Channel

Having to go out of house more than once to make sure all your bases are covered is just a hassle. It's like going out to a restaurant and being told they only can serve you dinner and you'll have to go to a bar across the street if you want a drink. Thankfully, Stirista has you covered. It doesn't matter if it's Email, CTV, or Display. We make sure that you can cover all channels. There's a reason why we have an expert team of digital media planners and buyers, and an ABM-compatible multichannel attribution system for holding the campaigns accountable to funnel-driving KPIs.

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Stirista delivers micro-targeted multichannel marketing solutions fueled by super-smart data.