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Ultimate Holiday Marketing Guide by Stirista for CTV and Email

The holiday shopping madness seems to begin earlier and earlier every year. But this year shoppers and marketers alike are both facing some discouraging hurdles.

Inflation, lingering supply chain issues, fear of the economy’s future, etc, and other obstacles that are threatening to “Scrooge” some of the holidays for everyone.

These same problems make it trickier for marketing teams to rely on old generic approaches to advertising. The Classic “casting a wide net ”strategy or one-and-done campaigns just won't work when audiences are looking to spend more mindfully. Rather, you’ll need to target your campaigns thoughtfully and personalize your outreach. A “Santa Claus” approach, if you will, which can easily be done with CTV and Email.

All of this, and more, is covered in our latest Holiday Whitepaper!

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