Using Intent Data On Your Journey

Person reaching for intent contact data

By now you know that here at Stirista we’re pretty passionate about data. We’re always talking to you about it because we truly believe that the success of your sales and marketing efforts depend on it greatly. Leveraging our rich data, that is updated in real time as first-party data because we have our own DSP, is the leg up you may not even realize you’ve needed.

You probably also know that it’s not enough anymore to use your data, or ours, for just top-of-funnel awareness campaigns. The real value comes from being able to find those prospects and move down the funnel with them. Knowing what they need right at the same time they start to realize it themselves, where they are, and what device they’re looking at. Essentially, not just being on the journey with them, but guiding them along it.

Which is why right now the most important data for driving sales is Intent Data. – Intent data is the set behavioral signals, or actions taken, that show the intention of your prospects to make a purchase. They may be searching for products, reviews, services, pricing, etc or just consuming content adjacent to what they’re about to purchase. All of this activity leaves a digital “wake” behind them. This trail indicates that the prospect is about 2/3  of the way on their journey to making a purchase decision.

At this point a marketing or sales team can take a more personalized approach to join the prospect on the final third of their journey to Purchasetown. 

To recap, think about this journey down the funnel in these 5 stages:

  1. Identifying opportunities early using intent data
  2. Engage these opportunities with valuable or entertaining content that feels appropriate to the channel or device you’re meeting them on
  3. Score them as a Lead and move them along the journey in one of several campaign options relative to that score
  4. Personalize the communications and communications cadences
  5. Arrive together in Conversionville. (it’s a little town just outside of Purchasetown)

If you’d like to learn more about how Stirita can power your campaigns with our Identity Graph, OMNA, which enables marketers to have access to hundreds of identifiers across millions of online, offline, social media, and household personas let us know. We’d love to talk!