Visitor ID Graph from Stirista: Breaking Barriers Between You and Your Website Visitors

In an ideal world, consumers would visit a website, search for the product(s) they desire and purchase all in one fell swoop. But, realistically, we know this doesn’t happen. Research has shown that slightly more than 2 percent make a purchase after a first-time website visit. Therefore, it just makes sense for brands to launch retargeting campaigns in an effort to recapture those who’ve abandoned their website without buying.

So, your brand has decided on a retargeting campaign. What’s the marketing strategy? Who’s your target audience? What channels are you looking to utilize?

First off, your brand, more than likely, will be looking for a competitive advantage to help set you apart from your competitors. Imagine you had a magic wand that could reveal the contact information of your company’s website visitors. Well, that day has arrived.

Stirista, an award-winning full-service agency well known for its enhanced data capabilities, is proud to announce Visitor ID Graph, the first-of-its-kind omnichannel retargeting solution on the market today that enables you to:

  • Gather the advanced visitor  
  • Create custom audience segments, and
  • Deliver your omnichannel message

All from one convenient, easy-to-use dashboard.

This revolutionary tool provides you with your website visitors’ contact information in granular detail: first and last names, email and postal addresses, social media handles and even details the specific pages they visited on your website! Use this level of detail to connect with your prospects across every channel!  

How we do it: We begin with the first-party data your company shares with us and pair it with Stirista’s proprietary consumer files containing 250 million clean, up-to-date and triple-verified records. The result: A well-rounded, supercharged data file that can help you recapture those with visited and left your website without completing a sale.

Your Competitive Advantage

You’ll no longer need to rely solely on cookies for retargeting campaigns. Speaking of retargeting, we’re talking about more than just email blasts. This tool has the potential of making your sales soar! Especially when you consider other retargeting opportunities, such as display advertising that connects with consumers on a variety of platforms and devices!

What makes Stirista’s data different? We provide a more robust and enriched data set, including social handles, giving your marketing messages the capability of true omnichannel reach.

Plus, the data you purchase from us is licensed to you.  We can’t think of any other company that gives you that kind of transparency. We think it’s only fair!  

Think of the Possibilities

No matter what your company sells — cars, clothes, cosmetics, furniture, jewelries or widgets — just think of how you can boost sales, both online and off, by connecting with your website’s visitors who have actually shown intent and reach them where they live, learn and shop with effective omnichannel communication.

Email is indisputably the most effective form of advertising with display advertising increasingly gaining ground. According to the Pew Research Center, one out of five adults in the U.S. access the internet exclusively on their smartphones, forgoing traditional home internet service.

That, coupled with the fact that 59 percent of consumers globally rely on social media for ideas before making a purchase, clearly speaks to the need for communication on a variety of platforms and devices.

What’s next? From the Visitor ID Graph website, sign up for our trial offer. It’s FREE and no credit card is needed to get started.  

Next, once you’ve selected your target audience, we pair your data with Stirista’s vast consumer database to create a robust consumer file that is omnichannel ready. You can simply select the communication option you desire and you’re set.

Or, you can choose a more in-depth partnership with Stirsta’s full-service agency experts, who can design and implement your omnichannel campaign from start to finish, including analytics.  

Make The Connection

It only makes sense (and dollars in your company’s coffers) to communicate with prospects who’ve shown intent by visiting your website. And, we know you have a choice when it comes to choosing your data and agency partners to help bridge that connection.

Visitor ID Graph from Stirista can be your company’s customer identification resolution solution, giving you the competitive advantage needed to separate your brand from competitors. Build trust and customer loyalty when you choose this first-of-its-kind omnichannel retargeting solution. Contact us today to get started for free.

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