Use It Or Lose It: How To Maximize A First Half Underspend


Three ways to tap into Stirista’s deep databases.

  1. Purchase: With this option, you own the records you select. Whether you’re a marketer, a list broker or a general marketing agency, email lists purchase is a lasting investment that augments the very foundation of your business. Grow your in-house data repositories with a list file that is ready to integrate with your unique workflow and business processes, not to mention multi-channel capabilities.
  2. License: With this data licensing option you get unlimited use of our data. Put it to work in as many campaigns as you want and benefit from our continual verification.
  3. Rent: If you don’t maintain your own databases and prefer to focus on one campaign at a time, our email list rental service is a perfect, and perfectly affordable, solution.

 Not sure which is best for you? Talk to a representative. No obligation, just lots of friendly conversation! And we’ll start you off with a free sample.

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