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Target your best supporters on social media, online and by email.

There’s never been a campaign resource like Stirista’s political data file. Our massive database includes voter and donation history for the past two decades, with names and causes, and so much more:

  • We’ve attached information on culture, religion, interests, political positions and hundreds of other data points to create rich, detailed voter profiles.
  • We’ve added contact information—postal and email addresses, digital cookies for online ad serving and social network handles—to reach those voters through multiple channels.

The result: A unique, data-driven method to find a candidate’s best supporters and reach them one-on-one with a micro-targeted, multichannel campaign.

Companies are increasingly finding that the most effective campaigns deliver relevant, real-time messages across channels, platforms and devices. Stirista’s new services bring traditional political campaigning in sync with today’s standards.

What you can do with our political data:

Target the supporters most likely to give you a donation. The files have donation history for the past two decades, identifying every donor and every cause.

Use it in combination with Stirista’s email deployment and creative services to optimize your HTML, content and email accuracy. Or simply append it to your lists.

Add Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and LinkedIn handles to enrich your voter or donor lists.

We have a track record of success with political data, ranging from Presidential to Congressional to public affairs campaigns. In June 2016, Stirista was featured in both the Wall Street Journal and Politico for a ground-breaking analysis that found a strong likelihood of the presidential candidates’ social media followers also coming through with votes on Election Day.

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