Using Intent Data On Your Journey


400 filters. A gazillion combinations. We’ll tease out your perfect audience.

We like data a lot, but we only love it when it’s working. Data that doesn’t work is worthless. In fact, it’s an obstacle, a distraction, smoke and mirrors. It makes you think your campaigns are data-driven, but unless your records are delivering actionable insights, you may as well pick names from a hat.

We keep our data on its toes with our segmentation software, which uses more than 400 filters to mix and match for limitless combinations. The result: a precise slice of the market, custom-cut to fit only you.

You can order up B2B, B2C and Political lists. Here are a few of our selects:


  • Basics: Age, gender, net worth, ethnicity
  • Household: Presence of seniors, single parents, veterans
  • Home: Market value, loan to value
  • Financial: credit, investments, donations by cause
  • Interests: Home improvement, music, online shopping, health and beauty sport, travel


  • General: Job title, industry SIC, number of employees, revenue
  • Level: C-suite, VP, director
  • Department: IT, HR, sales, finance


  • Voters: Presidential and local elections, party
  • Donors: Children’s causes, veterans, wildlife preservation and animal welfare
  • Views: Liberal, conservative, gun control, immigration

Let us craft a precise slice of your market.

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