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We know this sounds like bragging, but nobody does emails better than Stirista. Emails were the first service we offered after opening our business in 2009, and we’ve made it our business to be best-in-class ever since. Our deliverability rate is way above the industry average. We’ve upped clients’ open rates by 400 percent and response rates by 200 percent.

Emails can deliver a high return on investment, but your ROI will RIP if your messages don’t land in the right inboxes, with the right message and subject line. Stirista makes all those things happen with verified business email lists. Here’s how.

1. We have the data. Our comprehensive, real-time databases consist of over 150 million records and ultra-sophisticated segmentation software. No matter your needs, we can find your audience with extreme precision.

Our data is triple-verified, so you can be confident it’s accurate. We source it from a combination of traditional and digital methods. We use CAN-SPAM compliant emails and guarantee deliverability.

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2. We have the filters to let you customize your email messaging. We reach segments traditional data companies can’t seem to penetrate, such as millennials and pool owners.

3. We’ve collected enough performance data to know all about email behaviors. We know which offers people open, and when they open them. We also know which ones they abandon, and when.

4. We have the creative and production services to optimize your campaign according to email marketing best practices. That includes optimizing for mobile, where the most opens happen.

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