Use It Or Lose It: How To Maximize A First Half Underspend


Social data will bring you closer to your customers and improve campaign results. And we have a gold mine of social data, waiting to start a conversation about your brand. Our massive dedicated social media database, SocialORE, crawls the Web daily to collect self-reported data from Facebook, LinkedIn, Klout, Twitter, Flickr and Google Plus and then connects it with users’ email and postal addresses and social media accounts.

Our technology can identify your target audience, learn about them, and then find out which social platforms they’re using. Give us a few specs, such as income, location, leisure activities or interests, and we’ll customize an audience so you can serve up ads to exactly the people you want to reach, 0ptimizing your advertising dollars.

If you have an email list, we can enhance it with social media data, updating and deleting obsolete email addresses while we’re at it. You’ll instantly gain access to social followers who know your products or service. Or, if you have you have social contact information, we can match it with email addresses so you can reach them offline.

Once you have social followers, keep building your fan base with entertaining, helpful content that is responsive to what they’re saying to you—and about you.

Here’s what we can append to your files:

  • 75 million American and 150 million international social media users
  • 75 million B2B social handles
  • 60 million B2C social handles

Join the conversation and boost your conversions.

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