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Proprietary opt-in highly niche and segmented e-mail database that provides not only over 100 million e-mails but over 200 different attributes.


Stirista's groundbreaking technology combines publicly accessible social media data with traditional direct marketing resources.


Stirista Global’s sole objective is to help your marketing campaigns recognize diversity helping breakdown your lists by over 189 ancestries.

Business Email Lists


We are three now and have done more to keep the patent office busy than most companies do in thirty.  Our ascent has been somewhat remarkable, and we haven’t yet reached the peak.  We think of ourselves as a laboratory of ideas.  In another life, at least a handful of us may have been crazy academics.  Some people (mostly family, to be fair) say we are the next Google (or should we say Facebook or GroupOn?), but we rather like our own identity.  From a single basement office, we have now expanded into Asia, Africa, and Europe as the premier provider of business directory data and business to business list along with niche digital optin email data to help businesses, universities, and political organizations reach their intended audience.


Three of the ten largest companies in the world turn to Stirista for global cultural insight.  We are on the preferred vendor list for a bucket-full of Fortune 500 companies, and our business lists and consumer emails are often used by some of the largest direct marketing agencies to supplement their own.  Our applications are utilized by almost every vertical ranging from multinational banks to non-profits to target very specific and otherwise hard to find audiences.  In short, we can help you find customers and clients that nobody else will.  We don’t just dump bulk optin business data on you; we give you information that’s meaningful.


What are you waiting for then? We are waiting and are always ready to provide our premier services to help you reducing burden of work. We provide business mailing list so that you can directly send business email to consumers. Almost all genuine consumers prefer to get information via emails.  They find it more convenient so it has proven convenient for business companies also. We track 35 million employees and business owners worldwide and provide best services of business email lists and directory data. Communicating with consumers by sending emails is way easier, convenient and effective than any traditional way of communicating to reach intended audience. We work for business companies and organizations with a sole objective of helping marketing campaigns recognize and appreciate the differences that are part of diversity.

So, get reliable services of business to business list and step forward to achieve business’s goals and success.

Why Stirista's Data?


Decisions and choices we make are affected by our values, our society, and, perhaps most importantly, the economic reality. 


Stirista Global’s sole objective is to help marketing campaigns recognize and appreciate the differences that are part of diversity. We have a love for data that transcends our love for profit. We go above and beyond what you expect data companies to do, i.e. bury you under pre-compiled business to business lists and passing off thinly veiled spam as an opt-in email campaign; we work with you to find the channels that would be most effective for you.


Among other things, Stirista is the largest compiler of b2b emails and cultural data in the world and our b2c file is no muck either.

Why Stirista

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