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The Easy, Intuitive Media Buying Platform

Our own Demand Side Platform (DSP), is not only straightforward to use, but it comes with 0% markup and 100% transparency. It’s the world’s easiest data-powered DSP, with the fastest onboarding.

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See Why DSP+ Stands Out

The first and only DSP with a pricing model that doesn’t disguise true media costs or mark it up with hidden percentages. Get 100% of what you need to run effective campaigns over display & OTT without unnecessary features. Put more of your ad budget into campaigns instead of hidden fees and platform costs.

Advanced Audience Segmentation & Accelerated Onboarding

DSP+ gives you direct access to Stirista’s deterministic data, pre-packaged with your account, for nearly endless audience segmentation options. Have your own data? No disruption–data onboarding within 48 hours means your campaigns keep moving.

Fueled by Stirista Data

DSP+’s audience segmentation runs on Stirista’s award-winning digital data–the same data that’s trusted by five of the largest ad agencies in the world. The database is built around multifaceted personas that consist of linked consumer, professional, and social data.

Premium Inventory. Multiple Channels.

Our full-service DSP delivers across channels, from online & OTT/CTV to display & provides access to premium inventory.

  • Display
  • Online Video (OLV)
  • Over-the-Top (OTT)
  • Connected TV (CTV)

Transparent Reporting

DSP+’s reporting is completely transparent. Better yet, it’s so simple it doesn’t require a data science degree to decipher. Export customizable reports to Excel and connect to the data dashboard of your choice with a few clicks.

All of the performance with no surprises...

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What makes DSP+ so special?

  • 48-hour turnaround. Meaning Data in, suppressions/hygiene, creative testing, and launch.
  • Put more of your ad budget into campaigns instead of hidden fees and platform costs.
  • Verification of data, second-by-second: Competitors do it on a weekly basis or batch file basis 48 hour turnaround time- sets us apart.

Consumer database that consists of nearly every adult in the U.S.

  • Scale: Own our database of 244+ million individuals in the US tied to billions of emails that are updated daily.
  • Multifaceted personas enable audience segmentation based on hundreds of attributes across every part of a person’s life.
  • Our full-service DSP delivers across channels, from online and OTT/CTV to display and provides access to premium inventory.

Discover Our Very Own DSP