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Identify, Acquire, Activate and Measure. Only with Stirista.

Stirista is the only company that combines data, email, and digital execution.

Helping our clients acquire and retain customers by creating a data-driven, repeatable, and scalable marketing technology solution faster than anyone else.

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Solutions Suite

Stirista combines the power of data-driven omnichannel marketing in a single platform. As the only data-driven company that also owns an ESP and a DSP, Stirista is able to provide insights faster and quicker than anyone else.

Acquisition Email

Email may not be the newest channel, but it remains one of the most effective. It’s cost efficient, easy to test, and gets your message in front of the prospects that matter.

CTV Advertising

As linear TV viewing continues to shrink, Connected TV (CTV) advertising grows – and is additionally growing in importance to advertisers trying to reach a captive audience.


When you have the right data and channels, great creative is the missing piece to a great campaign. We can help here, too.

Digital Advertising

Is what you’re spending on and where you’re spending effective? We can help you determine how and where to allocate your campaign spend.


Whether it’s helping you reach new audiences or engage better with the ones you already have, we can help you grow your business and expand your customer base.

ID Graph

Data Science Meets Data Strategy.

OMNA from Stirista – the only real-time identity resolution platform in the industry. Our privacy compliant data collection, matching, and hygiene methodology is unique and leads to significant increases in campaign reach. OMNA can be purchased as a DAAS product or platform.

Industries We Serve

Our cross-channel solutions are powering a wide variety of marketers.


We can help give your brand a voice by providing the audiences, the channels and the reporting they need to hit their targets.


We work closely with our agency partners to help them onboard data and get their campaigns going – fast!


We can help give your brand a voice by providing the audiences, the channels and the reporting they need to hit their targets.

Find Your Platform

A multi-faceted, multi-platform, approach to campaign success.


DSP+ is the driving force behind your display, social and CTV campaigns.


Our very own ESP+ enables you to send millions of campaigns quickly and cost-efficiently.


CDP+ is our Customer Data Platform, plus more. We have core and enhanced data for each customer, designed especially for analysis.

Ready To Stir-Up Your Marketing?

We help brands onboard and activate their data across channels and provide reporting/results so they know what’s working and what isn’t – without the waste and the added costs that can impact ROI.