We’re the only company that brings together data, email and digital activation, including CTV.

We help brands onboard and activate their data across channels and provide reporting/results so they know what’s working and what isn’t – without the waste and the added costs that can impact ROI.
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Making the most advanced marketing in existence ridiculously simple

Our industry-leading identity spine lets you quickly onboard data and get your campaigns up and running fast – from CTV and display to social and email. And all with real-time attribution across your digital – and physical – footprints.

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Targeted messaging on the right screen at the right time

Apps, phones, TV screens, laptops, emails – your audience is multitasking more than ever as they continue to move across geographic and digital locations across the day. Our omnichannel targeting reaches your audience wherever they go, and with the reporting to confirm impressions are going where you need them.

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Vanity metrics just became obsolete

Without a complete view of your audience’s online and offline activities, your attribution model is shooting in the dark. Budgets get wasted and results get obscured. Our attribution technology is here to change that. We enable you to track the real actions your audience takes across the physical and digital worlds and tie those actions to the most complex campaigns.

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Who we can help

Our audience-to-attribution technology is a tailor-made fit for many industries. Here are just a few. Don’t see your industry? Contact us to learn how we can help you.

Who we can help

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