Stirista provides some of the most comprehensive real-time databases in the world. Our data services include B2B and B2C licensing, data enhancement, hygiene and verification, and cultural marketing. Stirista implements social media enhancements and Geo-IP Verification for clean data.


    Stirista now offers digital solutions for online audience targeting, providing more than just basic demographics. Use Stirista’s powerful B2B and B2C data to find the customers that matter to you. Our data files are verified for accuracy and enhanced with both offline and online data to give you the most complete picture of your ideal customer.


    Stirista offers a wide range of email services with B2B and B2C options: email appends, e-mail verification and hygiene, deployment, and list rentals or purchases. All email addresses are verified for deliverability and are unmatched in accuracy.



7 Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends (For 2018 and Beyond)

As the amount of data that can be collected online continues to rise, more advanced marketing strategies are becoming available. Today, we will look at some data-driven marketing trends to watch out for in 2018 and beyond. Here are the top seven (and most recent) data-driven marketing trends: 1....


Transparency – A Mirage in the Digital World?

Going to the movies with a child is always a tough call! As young parents, you either wait for the child to grow up or look for a babysitter. But one day we decided to take our 5-year-old for a movie that promised to be entertaining. Ten minutes into the movie, my son pointed to the screen (where th...



“At Great Clips, we invest in knowing our customers well – and to allow our over 4,400 salons across the United States and Canada to engage with them efficiently, effectively and in a manner that reflects the personality of our company. Stirista, in its targeted digital and email delivery, is indispensable in this effort.”

“Stirista’s unique data, which combines traditional B2B data with social information, helps us target HR decision makers who can influence the health of employee populations through our products and services. Stirista understands our unique needs as a traditionally B2C company operating in the B2B space and looks for unique ways to target individuals interested in health and wellness.”