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Whether it’s acquisition or lifecycle marketing, we can help you grow your business by helping you engage with your customers through the entire funnel - from the top all the way to the bottom.


Acquisition + Retention Marketing = Good Marketing

There are two sides of the marketing equation: customer acquisition, and customer retention. The first is focused on finding customers. The second, on keeping those customers around and encouraging them to go from single-purchase customers to repeat buyers and then to loyal ones. A lot of marketers focus on the first–customer acquisition–while neglecting the second–customer retention. But these two aspects of marketing should be viewed as part of the same process–the overall customer journey.

With Stirista, you can combine comprehensive data-driven marketing for both acquisition and lifecycle marketing. Not only can we help you reveal your high-value customers using your first party data, but we also create actionable strategic insights that we use to execute optimized omnichannel campaigns and target these high-value customers across the entire lifecycle, driving business growth for your brand. 

Meet Our Take On Customer Data, CDP+

CDP+ is a Customer Data Platform, plus more. Individual Customer Profiles have all the data (from the basics like email addresses and mailing addresses, to the finer details, like car ownership, make, and model) for each customer. We enhance these Customer Profiles with strategic insights, including metrics like lifetime value, average order value, and propensity to purchase again. We focus on customer engagement, understanding, and habits to see how and when to engage best with your customers.


CDP+  Features

CDP+ integrates first party data from all offline and online sources to create an actionable complete view of your customer, used to generate insights that grow your business. 


All data is integrated into our Platform Profile Mart, including Ecom, OMS, POS, ESP, SMS, Catalog, Customer Service, Rewards/Loyalty, Search, Social, and Display.


During data load, all data is subject to rigorous hygiene, merge, householding and additional enhancements.


Online and offline data is packaged into Customer Profiles that contain enhanced holistic information about each customer.


We identify your current and potential Best Customers with CDP+ for better lifecycle marketing.

Get growth from acquisition & lifecycle marketing