Our Enhanced Customer Data Platform

While regular old Customer Data Platforms present you with regular, limited platform straight off the shelf, our CDP+ is different. Also known as the Profile Mart, the heart of CDP+ is the Customer Profile.


A Cut Above The Rest

Stirista’s customer profile presents all data, core and enhanced, on a single row, for a single customer, designed especially for analysis. Most analysts spend the majority of their time munging data with a regular CDP. Not so with CDP+, 100% of an analyst’s time is spent generating insight.

CDP+ puts the customer at the center—we focus on customer understanding, engagement, and habits to make their next purchase from the brand. As first party data experts, we don’t let technology or systems get in the way of a good marketing program. We want you to generate strategic insight through lifecycle marketing and based on engaging and driving incremental revenue.

Covers Best Practices & Basics, Including:


Hygiene & cleansing


Merging & purging data


Deduping Data



CDP+ and Data

Targeted, dynamic campaign lists can be distributed to all points that need data for execution and activation. This includes:

  • Pushing into an ESP or SMS platform
  • API integration into Meta and Google
  • Segmented lists for Catalog
  • All other channels, like Customer Service and Rewards

Measurement and reporting of all coordinated outbound activities. This means closing the loop on all marketing to measure success, establish attribution, and calculate lift.

CDP+’s enhanced data lets you go beyond the core data–transactions, demographics, and behavioral data–to enhanced data relevant to your goals.

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Market Better With CDP+