OMNA From Stirista

The only real-time identity resolution platform in the industry.

When it comes to your marketing audiences, the OMNA Identity Graph has everything you could ever want to know – all backed by our omnichannel-ready targeting identifiers.

Comprehensive Features

OMNA gives you a complete view of the personal details that make your prospects individuals, from consumer interests to financial details and professional information. With hundreds of available fields, our data enables you to personalize your messaging better than the competition.

Comprehensive audience intelligence

Everything you could ever want to know about your marketing audiences.

Updated to the second

Keep up with your audiences as they move across devices throughout the day.

Frequency capping

Locate all the devices in a household, limiting the number of impressions shown at the household level.

CRM mapping

We can map your CRM data to our Identity Graph, matching individuals to their constantly-updating dynamic device IPs.

CTV Match Rated

CTV match rates are the highest in the industry from Hulu to Roku and anything ad supported, including smart TVs.


More relevant, real-time device and IP data. Get up and running in 24 hours or less with higher match rates.

Omnichannel Addressability

Fuel campaigns across channels, devices, and locations.


Our graphs, connected with the power of VIG, drive attribution.

Match Devices to Identities

Link devices back to email addresses, IP addresses, social accounts and more.


Get what you need, not what we want you to need.

A massive range of identifiers in OMNA make it the strongest data backbone in the industry, ready to match your existing data points. If you don’t need our entire Identity Graph, we also offer four major component graphs–our ABM Graph, Viewership Graph, IP Graph, and Device Graph.

Reach B2B prospects wherever they go. Our ABM Graph enables B2B marketers to have access to high value audiences whether they are at work or at home. Leverage Stirista’s B2B contact information to reach the right person at the right company with the right message on virtually any channel–email, web, social, video, CTV, and more.

OMNA: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

Backed by the industry’s best data, OMNA: the only real-time ID graph that helps you make impressions that count.

OMNA is the industry’s first real-time identity graph built from a number of component graphs including ABM, viewership, IP and device data. That’s a stack of five different components, and they aren’t welded shut like with other ID graph providers. If you don’t need the entire identity graph, you can access any of our four major component graphs separately.

Our privacy compliant data collection, matching, and hygiene methodology is unique and leads to significant increases in campaign reach. OMNA can be purchased as a DAAS product or platform.

Power Your Marketing With OMNA