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Our Very Own Email Service Platform

Stirista’s multi-ESP (Email Service Provider) approach, along with our industry-leading data profiles, helps your email campaigns work harder with better results, whether the target is new or existing customers. In fact, email was one of Stirista’s first services, so we excel at it!

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Is email even relevant anymore?

Maybe in the face of CTV and targeted ads on social media, email feels like a relic from the ‘90s. You might be thinking—email’s so old, how could it possibly serve as a source of marketing?

Well, email has been the workhorse behind real revenue gains for over two decades. Why? It works. It’s still the ROI winner for personalized marketing. It gives you the ability to truly personalize communications to customers and prospects alike.

of millennials say they prefer companies to contact them via email

The Deal With

Stirista is your full-service acquisition email partner, with over 90% deliverability, proprietary technology, and available creative services. One of our first services, and still one of our highest performing, email is a fundamental channel for both retention and acquisition.


Optimized for high volume prospecting campaigns.

Because Stirista specializes in large-scale B2B and B2C acquisition, we take pride in portraying accurate numbers. We show off realistic results, not bot-inflated numbers from South Florida and New Jersey.

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Stirista has the email addresses and data-enhancements available for our partners to:

Triple Verified Database

Stirista’s email database triple verifies email addresses which are 100% opt in, so we never deal with blacklisting and other pitfalls many encounter.

Retain Your Customers

We also provide the means to retain customers or reactivate lapsed customers – all with a level of relevancy and personalization that makes them more likely to convert.

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