Our B2C Data for Better Campaigns

Stirista’s First Party Data Drives Campaign Success

Our clients leverage Stirista B2C demographic data for a deeper understanding of their existing customers so that they can retain their best customers and improve prospecting efforts. These demographic and interest attributes provide a directional guide to building the best audience for multichannel campaigns.

Our Clients Benefit From…

Instantaneous Campaign Feedback

Fast turnaround and operational cost savings due to no attrition moving from vendor to vendor

Verifiable Results

Increase Conversions, Return on ad spend (ROAS), Return on Investment (ROI) via closed-loop campaign.

Expansive Data Insights

Stirista’s data assets - identity, intent, demographics, interests, etc. - are fueled by our in-house email.

Sending Platform (ESP) and Demand Side Platform (DSP)

This enables unlimited segmentation.

Stirista’s B2C Data, built especially by us

What makes Stirista’s data unique is the assets are fueled by our in-house Email Sending Platform (ESP) and Demand Side Platform (DSP). No competing data organization has the level of feedback on all data points that we do, nor the ability to update the data as quickly.

Deterministic Compilation Results In…

Precise Postal Data
CASS score
Opt-In Email Coverage
Social Media Handles

Build Your Audience

The OMNA Identity Graph has everything you could ever want to know about your marketing audiences, backed by omnichannel-ready targeting identifiers.

B2C Data is sourced in ways that are verified, compliant, and constantly updated.

B2C Data is refreshed on a 90 day cadence, but we refresh individual data more frequently.

Authoritative, up-to-date CASS-certified postal data covering all mailable U.S. addresses.

Extensive demographic, lifestyle, behavioral, transaction, automotive ownership, and occupational data attributes. This data is consistently validated via transaction activity.

B2B2C Data Linkage (Stiristalink)

244 MM+ individuals tied to a billion emails.

Political Database of 175 MM U.S. voters and their relative behavior.

Detailed multicultural data on 180 MM individuals.

Proprietary publisher network of websites.

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