Easy, intuitive media buying platform. 0% markups. 100% transparency.

Our ridiculously easy-to-use SaaS platform allows you to buy media at-cost across major platforms such as Hulu. What’s more – the best data in the world comes fully integrated for micro-targeting and audience selection. Full reporting included – your campaign, your report, your attribution.

Intuitive Media Buying

Self-service with simple, easy-to-use interface.

Media buying has never been so intuitive. No wasting time learning an intricate process. With AdStir, you can set up your campaign in a few easy steps.

AdStir DSP Intuitive Media Buying
Transparent Pricing

Zero hidden charges

The first and only DSP with a pricing model that doesn’t disguise true media costs or marks it up with various hidden percentages. With our SaaS-based pricing model, you get all the bells and whistles with none of the surprises.

Platform AdStir DSP
Packaged Data

Integrated data sets built-in

Stirista’s deterministic data comes pre-packaged with your account. You have access to all the segments you want, and then some. Or bring your own first-party data and we will onboard it for you.

Platform ADStir DSP packaged data

Advanced reporting

Simple, transparent reporting. Real time data exportable to Excel or connected to your data dashboard of choice.

Platform ADStir DSP Reporting

Premium Inventory

Manage and deliver campaigns across multiple channels with access to premium inventory:

  • Display
  • Online Video (OLV)
  • Over-the-Top (OTT) / Connected TV (CTV)
Platform ADStir DSP Inventory