Attribution that captures the real ROI behind your most complex campaigns

Marketers are under more pressure than ever to tie campaigns to sales. But until now, attribution models have lagged behind campaign complexity and marketing departments have suffered from lost revenue attribution. It’s why CMOs continue to have one of the lowest tenures in the C-suite. And it’s why we created our omnichannel attribution tools. Welcome to marketing’s new secret weapon.

Match campaigns to revenue – both online and in store

Marketing campaigns keep getting more complex. More channels, more touchpoints, and more ways to make attributing revenue to your campaigns more difficult than ever. Our suite of omnichannel attribution tools tie your audiences’ online and offline activities back to every touchpoint in your campaigns, from email to programmatic, from the simplest to the most complex.

Visitor ID Graph

Comprehensive web attribution

95% of website visitors are anonymous…at least they were before Visitor ID Graph, our proprietary website analytics and attribution platform. Visitor ID Graph unlocks unprecedented visitor analytics, tracks website traffic from online and offline campaigns, and opens opportunities to retarget across every channel. 

CPL Analysis

Campaigns so effective we created a comprehensive attribution model to prove it

Every campaign we run comes with a comprehensive cost per lead (CPL) analysis. Just send us your form fills, calls, store visits, and other lead sources, and we’ll match them back to the audience we used for your campaign. We’ll show you your CPL, and walk you through what’s working, what isn’t, and keep your campaigns on a path of constant improvement.

Sales Lift Matchback

Find your sales lift

On top of CPL analysis, we can show the direct sales lift your campaigns are generating. We’ll take your customer information, including purchase amounts, and we will give you the sales lift your campaign generated.