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Stirista’s CTV Ad Drove 15.8% of Website Traffic for a Sweepstakes Campaign

This agency partners with multiple brands to work on marketing campaigns together. For this particular campaign, the agency worked with five popular consumer goods brands with the goal of increasing awareness and better positioning their products in front of customers.

Campaign-reached site visitors
Cost per website visitor
Viewer completion rate


The agency connected these five consumer brands for a campaign that would build awareness and strategically position their products through promotions and sweepstakes.

New to the CTV space, they reached out to Stirista for help. Stirista worked with the agency to create a CTV ad that would target specific audiences and brick and mortar locations.


Through collaboration with the agency, our plan of action was to use CTV to effectively target new audiences and drive site traffic. For this particular campaign, we were interested in targeting millennial mothers around selected brick and mortar locations to highlight the campaign sweepstakes, coupons for products, and recipes.

With a defined audience in mind, Stirista provided creative for the campaign and was able to onboard, process, and administer data hygiene in order to produce the most complete and accurate audience segments.

Our view-through attribution reports provided both deterministic attribution and conversion lift to enable both effective optimization and accurate performance reporting throughout the campaign. In addition to attribution reporting, Stirista also placed a VIG pixel on the campaign landing page to track site traffic and ensure we were meeting the agency and clients goals.


In only a month, we were able to deliver a majority of the impressions to well-known and reputable domains during primetime viewing hours, allowing us to capture a larger portion of the audience with a 97% viewer completion rate.

The CTV ad was seen over 1.88 million times and based on the website traffic that was captured via Stirista’s VIG pixel, the campaign secured a $8.58 cost per website visitor that was responsible for 15.8% of all site traffic.

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