Making real time a reality

Welcome to the OMNA Identity Graph, your source for comprehensive audience intelligence that’s updated to the second.

Comprehensive identities across physical and digital spaces

The OMNA Identity Graph has everything you could ever want to know about your marketing audiences, backed by omnichannel-ready targeting identifiers. Reach audiences with ads across every channel as they move across devices and locations throughout the day.

The OMNA Identity Graph

Get what you need, not what we want you to need

A massive range of identifiers in OMNA make it the strongest data backbone in the industry, ready to match your existing data points. If you don’t need our entire Identity Graph, we also offer five major component graphs – our ABM Graph, Viewership Graph, IP Graph, Device Graph, and Location Graph.

ABM Graph

Reach B2B prospects wherever they go

Our ABM Graph enables B2B marketers to have access to high value audiences whether they are at work or at home. 

Device Graph

Smart phones, smart toasters, & everything in between

Our Device Graph ties webs of connected devices back to an individual, making marketing in 2021 feel as simple as 2001.

Location Graph

Leave predictive movement tracking in 2020

We can track where individuals go and contextually target them based on their movement.

Viewership Graph

Everything from  guilty pleasures to serious interests

Stirista connects CTV viewership data across all devices in the home to IP and postal addresses, where it can be matched with linear TV data for a comprehensive perspective of household viewership.