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With 2024 upon us, Stirista has you covered with custom, accurate, micro-targeted audiences to get your message out there.

voter data

Voter Data

Voter registration is at an all-time high and nobody expects that trend to slow down over the next year. Stirista's research in 2022 revealed that nearly $1.5 billion in digital ad spend was wasted by targeting the wrong political audience at inopportune moments in the political cycle.

Pre-Built Audiences to Fit Your Needs

Need to get your ads launched as quickly as possible? Our 30,000 prebuilt, tested and verified, ready to use audiences across 17 verticals make it easy to run campaigns that are fueled by the industry’s best data.


General Population


Proprietary technology pre-builds high-impact audiences.


30,000 + high performing audiences to pinpoint your best prospects.

Bipartisan & Fueled By Bureaucratic Data

Stirista boasts a political database with over 149 million registered voters, all sourced from state and county records, census data, and historical election turnout data. All this information is then supercharged by our campaign-tested consumer identity data, which is updated in real-time and can be activated, and retargeted against, across all marketing channels.

Deterministic Data

Matched to email addresses, online cookies, and social handles.

Omnichannel Advertising

To the same audience across email, display, and social channels.

Donation History

For the past two decades, with names and causes.

Append Social, B2B,B2C, and political Information

To your existing voter and donor lists.

400 Segmentation Filters

Including demographic, geographic, cultural and interest-based data.

Identification of Early Voters

To improve digital campaign effectiveness.

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