Data onboarding in minutes

The last thing you need is to disrupt your campaigns when you add new data. No more choosing between a launch with less than ideal audience segments or waiting a week for onboarding. We offer fast onboarding to get your in-house data ready for execution across digital channels, from CTV to display.

Data Onboarding Illustration | Stirista

Lightning-Fast Onboarding

Onboarding in minutes, not days

You can provide your existing email information and addresses, or work with us to onboard the data we provide across email, postal, and domain. We can onboard millions of files in minutes, so there’s no delay in building your audience and getting your campaigns up and running.

fast data appending | Stirista Solutions illustration

Our Data Spine

Onboard to the best data spine in the industry

Fuse the data from your CRM, app and website to our data spine, enhancing it with rich insights on individuals, and onboard it directly to our DSP without a 3rd party.

Data Onboarding Spine Illustration