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Our fully addressable digital activation solutions follow your audience anywhere they go.

Programmatic solutions, from onboarding to execution

We run omnichannel campaigns off of onboarded files that stay in front of audiences with matching omnichannel retargeting. And we don’t deal in one-and-done, siloed efforts. Our campaigns undergo constant improvement thanks to our ongoing, sophisticated attribution and analytics systems.


Elevate your data with rapid onboarding so you can get your campaigns going fast

Options for audience targeting. Onboard their data in minutes, enhance it with our Identity Graph, or use our data entirely. Custom audience suppression is also available.

Data Onboarding | Stirista Solutions

Addressable CTV

Get more from your digital campaigns with Stirista Addressable CTV

If your audience isn’t looking at their phones, there’s a good chance they’re looking at their Connected TV. To some brands that may be a challenge, but with the help of Stirista’s CTV advertising it’s an opportunity. It gives you one more way to stay in front of your audience – and the competition on one of the most rapidly growing channels in the digital space.

Programmatic Adstir DSP | Stirista


Making social more trackable, more effective, and completely omnichannel

Our data-backed social methods remove the risk of wasting your ad spend on fake accounts and enable you to finally include social into your complete omnichannel flow. Advertise to the same audience you use for email, postal, and other digital campaigns, and rest easy knowing real people are seeing your ads.

Programmatic Social | Stirista Solutions


Retarget to your audience wherever they go

And our retargeting isn’t just limited to social and display…we can help you retarget off of email opens and site visits and run retargeting ads via email and direct mail as well.

Programmatic Adstir DSP

AdStir DSP

Self-Serve or Managed Programmatic Campaigns, from Display to CTV

While our data is a powerful solution for any brand or agency, there’s also power in having the means to transact off of it across all digital marketing channels. Our DSP, AdStir, is a no markup, 100% transparent way to leverage 1st and 3rd party data across email, display, social, and CTV and OTT advertising. 

Programmatic Adstir DSP


Attribution: The reason our campaigns get better with age

We have so much confidence in our campaigns that we built the world’s most sophisticated attribution model to track them. Discover your campaign’s hidden ROI through our web-to-footfall attribution modeling.

Programmatic Attribution | Stirista Solutions