• Infographic: Geo-Targeting

    Geo-targeting is the process of delivering content based on the target audience’s location.  Geo-targeting lets you micro target, getting the most out of your advertising budget.

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  • Call to Action Best Practices

    While one of the smaller parts of an email, the call to action is one of the most important components of any successful email marketing campaign. The CTA tells your recipients the overall purpose of the email while driving engagement through commanding action. Download Stirista’s guide to successful CTAs for successful email marketing.

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  • Best Practices for Email Deployment

    Knowing how and when to send an email is a precise science. Mastering the art of email deployment can increase your open and click rates as well as customer engagement and sales. Knowing best practices for email deployment is a great place to start. Download our free Best Practices for Email Deployment document to get started.

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  • Best Practices for Avoiding the Spam Folder

    Spam folders can be the bane of an email marketer’s existence. Although spam filters are continuously updating and becoming more sophisticated, there are a few best practices marketers can follow to lessen the chance their message will be labeled as spam.

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  • Best Practices for Email Design

    While email content is always important, consumers judge an email by its design before even looking at a piece of text. Follow some of Stirista’s best practices for email design to get your campaign on the right track.

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  • Stirista’s CAN-SPAM Survival Guide

    CAN-SPAM is the law of the land for email marketers in the US. But, for consumers and even many marketers, CAN-SPAM regulations can be difficult to understand. Check out Stirista’s quick CAN-SPAM survival guide to learn how CAN-SPAM regulates emails and how you can be compliant.

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  • Infographic: Data Appends with Stirista

    What in the world is a data append? Learn more about how your business can benefit from a data append and how Stirista can get you where you need to go.

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  • Multicultural Infographic

    It’s difficult to get multicultural marketing just right. It requires a lot of research and finesse. As the United States becomes more diverse, marketers will need to step up their game to cater to shifting buying power and consumer interests. Check out Stirista’s multicultural infographic to learn more.

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