email append services Email Append Services Helps Multi-Channel Marketing
email append services
Email Append Services Helps Multi-Channel Marketing

A variety of opportunities exist today for companies to reach their clients. No matter which methods you use, from email marketing to social media, the only way your effort is going to be successful is if you can actually reach the right group of people with the right message. With…

Creating a Bond Through Your Message

Imagine finding a lost baby on a busy street. It will probably remind you of the movie Baby’s Day Out. But that was suspended reality–a happy child gurgling with laughter wreaking havoc on 2 comical, yet ruthless burglars. What if you heard the baby cry? One fine day in March…

political marketing
Political Marketing Techniques – How to Build Trust and Integrity in Political Marketing

Have you ever wondered how some politicians seem to know exactly which marketing channels or messaging to use to garner support from their target audience? That’s because many of them use political marketing techniques that focus on data insights and specific contact information to reach the right people. Why Use…

b2b marketing tactics
Six Powerful B2B Marketing Tactics You May be Missing

There are so many great new techniques in B2B marketing today, it’s hard to keep up. I hereby offer a roundup of ideas that you may have overlooked: IP address identification, a customer-driven content marketing strategy, better lead qualification, a renewed focus on customer and prospect data, account-based marketing, and…

Delight Your Customers – Match Message with Action!

Customer Service is a topic everyone has something to say about. We all have had experiences that are good, bad, or ugly. There was this incident that I will always remember. The lady at the soda fountain thought I had ordered for 2 “iced drinks” and handed me 2 glasses…

Reaching Beyond the Target Audience

Have you noticed how clear children are about what they want? My grandson brings all the energy of a 4-year old to say “I want a Kinder Egg!”/ “I want a kaju Katli [a sweet made with cashew nuts]!”/ “I want my cheese!” Those are three of his favorite things…

Stirista Earns Silver DMA International ECHO Award

We are excited to announce that our digital campaign for Great Clips received the prestigious Silver award for the Best Retail Campaign of 2017 at the prestigious Data and Marketing Association’s International ECHO awards. Pop-star Mark McGrath made the announcement on October 8th at the ECHO Awards gala in New…

Narratives Hold the Promise of Key Message Delivery in Advertisements

Powerful narratives influence our brains Remember Mark Anthony’s speech in Julius Caesar? Friends, Romans, Countrymen…His emotionally charged narrative turned the tables on his enemies and the crowd that had been unwilling to even let him speak, rushed to carry out his intent–even though he did not even voice it! Persuasion…

internet of things
Internet of Things And Its Effects On Digital Marketing

So what is the Internet of Things? Imagine this scenario- You are headed home after a long day at work. As soon as your car halts at your doorstep, the coffee machine in your kitchen starts brewing coffee for you. As you enter through the front door, the water heats…

onboarding audience
Get on Track with Onboarding – The Case for Uploading Audiences for Targeting

Yesterday, analysts came out to say that Facebook may be misleading about its audience sizes. It turns out, Facebook’s advertised targeting numbers are higher than those in the US census. Much higher in some instances–Facebook has records for 25 million more US adults under 35 than were actually counted in…

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