customer identity resolution Customer Identity Resolution: What It Is and Four Benefits To Help Boost Your Next Ad Campaign


customer identity resolution
Customer Identity Resolution: What It Is and Four Benefits To Help Boost Your Next Ad Campaign

B2B and B2C companies are in a fight for customers now more than ever, especially as online sales continue to make huge gains. Companies offering similar products or services are in a continuous race to go “above and beyond” their customers’ expectations as businesses strive to maintain or grow their market share.

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dan kivela
Team Stirista: Dan Kivela

1.) Tell us more about your daily and overall responsibilities, and what your average work day looks like. I am responsible for managing the Great Clips Grand Opening program, which involves selecting audiences for new salons, as well as setting up and optimizing as many as 15 concurrent digital campaigns,…

examples of database marketing
5 Examples of Database Marketing for Customer Acquisition

An increasing amount of data is becoming available every day that can help businesses acquire customers. In this article, we’ll cover various examples of database marketing that can be used by businesses to effectively acquire customers at a lower cost.

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adsquare stirista logos
Stirista Announces Partnership with adsquare

Data partnership to help advertisers reach customers with relevant, omnichannel messaging. San Antonio-based Stirista has partnered with adsquare – a mobile-first, real-time data exchange company based in Berlin, Germany – to enhance adsquare’s Audience Management Platform for audience targeting. Using Stirista’s household data gathered from online and offline sources, including…

database marketing strategies
4 Must-Have Database Marketing Strategies for Marketers in 2019

There are many creative ways to implement a successful database marketing strategy. However, marketers need to identify database marketing solutions that fit their business model and provide a good return on investment. In an era where social media and other forms of advertising get the most attention, owning your own database could be the invisible weapon that can set you apart from your competition.

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capital one
Capital One: Taking the Road Less Traveled Through Novelty Advertising

The focus on advertising has magnified in recent years with the emergence of a wide range of platforms and techniques to support them. With so much competition in the market, standing out with messages that engage, increase brand awareness and/or prompt consumers to take action are just a few of…

The Unified Theory of Database Marketing

Database marketing is all of a sudden the new holy grail. What with customer relationship management, data warehouses, one-to-one marketing, data mining — a number of techniques are capturing management time, attention and bucks, and they are all built around customer information. So now we have an opportunity to pick…

Team Stirista: Patrick Howard

1.) Tell us more about your responsibilities and tasks. What does your average work day look like? Our department works on a pretty wide variety of projects. In addition to supporting our more traditional internal marketing functions, we also work on everything from product-related UX work to creatives for clients…

push wizard app monetization
The Developer’s Guide to App Monetization with PushWizard

As a mobile app developer and entrepreneur, increasing both user retention and app monetization are your ultimate goals. In fact, sending push notifications to your users’ smartphones notifying them of new, relevant content can increase your mobile apps’ retention rate by more than double!  We can all agree that not…

third-party data
Third-Party Data: What it is, its Benefits and Best Use Case

Now more than ever, data has become a part of our daily lives. Whether we browse websites on our desktops, tablets or smartphones; give out business cards with our contact information in exchange for a free lunch, purchase from a brick-and-mortar store or online, we know that information collected about us (either as individuals or as a company), our interests and our purchasing habits can be used for data-driven marketing campaigns.

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