How Life-Event Trigger Data Can Revolutionize Your Marketing


Dynamic content takes email from 2012 to 2015

Like most aspects of the digital landscape, email marketing is changing fast. If marketers can’t implement the next wave of marketing innovations, they may quickly fall behind in engagement. For instance, dynamic content could very well be the new norm for email marketing within the next few years. But most…

how to win sales based on trust
How to Win Sales Based on Trust

The buyer’s cycle is changing. Because customers have digital tools at their disposal, they’re able to do a lot of research before a purchase. This means brand affinity is decreasing as customers go for the best quality choice, the most cost-effective choice, or whatever it is that drives their personal…

How to keep the holiday momentum after the season is over

As the holidays are getting underway, marketers need to think about their next step. Sure, sales are rising now, and you’re busier than ever. You’ve even gotten some new customers in the door. However, the problem businesses face each year is how to keep that momentum going after the holidays…

Transparent is the New Black

Wake up and smell the coffee. That’s a 240 calorie Hazelnut Macchiato Grande coffee. At least it is at Starbucks, one of the big players in the transparent marketing revolution. The food and beverage industry was one of the first to embrace transparent marketing, but perhaps because it had no…

big data opportunities
Big Data Means Big Opportunities for Marketers

Successful marketing is all about finding customer data and creatively implementing it in campaigns. The problem is that the data marketers need is hard to find. Data enables marketers to target their customers more effectively and reach them more accurately. But where do marketers stand when it comes to using…

How Publishers Can Rock Email Marketing

Publishers have been down on their luck transitioning from print to digital. For companies that were so successful for so long with just print marketing, it’s been difficult to shift their efforts into the digital space. For instance, email marketing is a major pain point for publishers—but with some work it…

3 ways to incorporate user-generated content into your marketing strategy

User-generated content is helping marketers solve a lot of problems. It increases consumer trust, brand engagement, and drives customers down the sales funnel. If you haven’t started working on a strategy to implement user-generated content, or USG, you need to reconsider. What is USG? It’s content created by customers who…

What will marketing look like in 2015?

The end of the year is creeping up, and with it, predictions for what 2015 will bring. Digital marketing evolves quickly. Each new year brings plenty of hot new trends and ideas. What will marketing look like next year? Everything will be mobile Mobile can’t just be a second thought…

Single White Female Seeks Better Marketing

Meet Emily. To you, this is Emily:  25-35 years old, female, from Georgia. She is number 2,076 in the Excel Data List. She has a name, but she is actually only one of a number of Emilys on the file. And unless this particular Emily responds directly to your campaign—with…

B2B marketers need to understand their customers better

If you want strong marketing campaigns, you need to know your customers. Without a good idea of your target audience, your messages are going to fall flat. This is especially the case for business-to-business marketers. As it turns out, B2B marketers need to do some hard work when it comes…

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