B2B Marketing Podcast Stirs Up Fresh Ears Amidst Pandemic


Are you using #hashtags in email?

We all know how relevant hashtags are. On social media a hashtag links us with others across the world who are interested in the same thing. People use them for branding, and even activism. But there’s one place marketers aren’t using hashtags as much as they could be—in email. A…

3 reasons why email is the ultimate sidekick for retailers

Marketing gurus consistently wonder whether email is still an effective way to reach customers. With all of the messages we receive on a daily basis, is it possible that we’re still affected by email, or have we reached a state of numbness? A new study from price comparison website Give…

email open rates
5 Reasons for Low Email Open Rates and How To Overcome Them!

It’s an email marketer’s or salesperson’s biggest frustration—your messages aren’t being opened. You have a gigantic list of subscribers, but only a small percentage of them are opening your emails. What could be wrong? 1. Your messages are getting trapped in the spam folder Most senders know not to use certain…

Don’t leave cultural insight out of your marketing

Multicultural marketing has never been more vital than it is now, but many companies are slow on the uptake when it comes to implementing this kind of strategy. What many of these companies don’t realize is that not all of their customers are the same. In fact, multicultural audiences are…

How to make 2015 the best year ever for content marketing

Content marketing isn’t going away anytime soon, which means you have to make next year’s efforts even better than the last. To get better content marketing, we first have to understand how marketers are failing to hit the mark with their content. In many ways, you could say content marketing…

Sharing is caring: what businesses can learn from Airbnb and Uber

The sharing economy is really taking off. You won’t talk to many people who have never heard of Uber or considered sharing their spare room on Airbnb. The impact is real. The sharing economy may just sound like a buzzword, but it’s taking a bite out of many established businesses.…

Deprecate, Captivate, Donate: How to Attract the Millennial Lead

Marketing to people aged 18 to 35 is something like an illogical game of poker. You’ll win the game if you show your hand, drop the “poker face,” and give away your best cards to other players. It seems antithetical to success, but the conflicting traits of millennials have made…

Six marketing myths that can ruin a campaign

It’s surprising how much wrong information is out there about email, even though it’s one of the best marketing strategies for both brands and B2Bs. So let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. Here are the top email marketing myths, debunked: Email is over This is a common…

Meet Your Market: 2014 Diagnosis and 2015 Suggestions

This is Meet Your Market, a series of posts for those who want to learn more about their customers. This series of articles caters to business owners and decision-makers alike who want a quick peek into the lives of the people who fuel their businesses. Today we will look at…

Marketers stress over technology in 2015

As digital marketing continues to be an important resource for businesses, marketers could face some challenges in the new year. According to a Gartner report cited by Forbes, digital marketing budgets are expected to rise 8 percent in 2015. A new report from StrongView also found that more than half…

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