Six Ways To Connect With Your B2B Website Visitors


How to make unsubscribe pages that stop customers in their tracks

Your email unsubscribe process may not seem like the place to focus on customer outreach. However, optimizing this step gives you a final chance to make an impression with your online users. It’s sad to see customers go, but unsubscribing doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gone forever. It’s also wise to…

Just say ‘No’ to rotating banners

Website utility can make or break an online store. If the navigation structure doesn’t make sense, conversion rates can suffer. Even worse, you may turn away first-time visitors that will never become customers. One of the most common blunders store owners make on their website is using a carousel, or…

marketing small companies
Beating Out the Big Guys: Marketing for Small Companies

Marketing can be a challenge for smaller B2B companies. It can be hard for a modestly-sized company to compete with bigger organizations on digital channels. Sometimes the entire effort seems like an exercise in futility. But marketers at small companies don’t have to give up hope. In fact, being small…

Email marketing reigned supreme over Thanksgiving weekend

According to reports from Thanksgiving weekend, e-commerce is leading the pack in sales figures. Many people flocked to stores during the weekend rush, but more shoppers went online to find the best deals. Custora tracked online transactions in real time from more than 100 U.S. online retailers and 100 million…

How can retailers deal with showrooming? By embracing it.

Now that customers have more channels available to them, they’re getting smarter about how they shop both in the physical and digital space. A great example of this is showrooming which has become a new trend in the e-commerce world. It happens when a customer looks at an item in-store…

The majority of shares take place on the Dark Web

Marketers deal in data. Tracking customer behavior and monitoring social media are good ways for marketers to figure out what customers want. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s a huge amount of activity that marketers don’t track. Determining how to access this information would uncover new insight…

How to make e-newsletter customers actually read

Nearly all businesses can benefit from having an e-newsletter, but many don’t invest in them. E-newsletters give people a chance to engage with your brand and become long-term customers rather than one-time purchasers. Customers who subscribe are more likely to keep buying. Consider this: according to Convince and Convert, 44…

Dynamic content takes email from 2012 to 2015

Like most aspects of the digital landscape, email marketing is changing fast. If marketers can’t implement the next wave of marketing innovations, they may quickly fall behind in engagement. For instance, dynamic content could very well be the new norm for email marketing within the next few years. But most…

how to win sales based on trust
How to Win Sales Based on Trust

The buyer’s cycle is changing. Because customers have digital tools at their disposal, they’re able to do a lot of research before a purchase. This means brand affinity is decreasing as customers go for the best quality choice, the most cost-effective choice, or whatever it is that drives their personal…

How to keep the holiday momentum after the season is over

As the holidays are getting underway, marketers need to think about their next step. Sure, sales are rising now, and you’re busier than ever. You’ve even gotten some new customers in the door. However, the problem businesses face each year is how to keep that momentum going after the holidays…

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