Stirista Welcomes Vincent Pietrafesa as Vice President, B2B Products


What is the best time to send emails? There may not be just one.

What is the best time to send an email? This question has plagued marketers for years. The likely reason this keeps popping up is that there’s not really an answer to this question. More accurately, people have different behaviors, particularly when it comes to email. Some are morning openers while…

Big events draw serious social media engagement

It’s no secret that millennials are especially keen to tune in to social media. With real-time access to social networks via smartphones, people can plug in to news on the go. This means that activity on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit can reach a fever pitch during major news…

Rewrap Your Customer Segmentation This Season

It’s a strange world out there. The weather is cooling down. Radio stations are abandoning their normal sets and replacing them with sentimental seasonal melodies. Downtown looks like a completely different place. And customers are behaving erratically. They purchase the wrong products. They spend unpredictable amounts of money. Dependable customers…

3 new A/B tests to try in your email campaigns

When marketers talk about A/B testing their emails, they bring up some common attributes—subject lines, the name in the “from” line, and maybe the call to action. But there are many parts of a message that you can manipulate to increase engagement. You don’t need to limit yourself to just…

Lead scoring can kill the tension between sales and marketing

The quality of leads can be a major point of contention between sales and marketing teams. There are many tales of disagreement when marketing hands over their leads and sales thinks the list isn’t good enough. Many times these disagreements come from a lack of alignment between the two departments,…

How to deal with the tricky subject of customer data

Marketers are often faced with a problem: they need customer data for more targeted campaigns, but customers are concerned with privacy. What can businesses do to solve this issue? Customers are ambivalent about how companies use their data Even though they don’t love the idea of being watched, customers generally…

Email and Content Marketing: A Dynamic Duo

We all know that content marketing is huge right now.  “Content marketing” is one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing, and it’s getting even bigger! But how are you actually using content marketing? Sharing parts of your content strategy across different channels, like email or social media, can be a…

consistent branding
3 Tips For Consistent Branding

Brand consistency is just as important in email marketing as it is in any part of your marketing strategy. One of the best ways to engage customers is to provide a seamless brand experience across all channels. If your emails seem like they could have been sent from multiple sources, you have a…

Email could be the key to multichannel success

Multichannel marketing is the wave of the future, and there’s good news—email marketers are leading the way. According to a new study from Forrester, email marketers are more likely to integrate customer data across all channels. The bad news is that many marketers have a long way to go. Why…

Does Google Inbox spell certain doom for marketers?

Google is constantly rocking marketers’ worlds with its updates and innovations. First it was tabs, and now it’s a new app called Google Inbox. The app was launched on Oct. 22, and right now it’s invite only, so you have some time before you really need to worry about it.…

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