Advertising Week 2020 Recap: Top 5 Takeaways


Bot Fraud 2019: The Sad State of Email Marketing

Tongues have been wagging in the marketing world ever since the New York Times’ shocking exposé in early 2018 about how easy it is to buy social followers. And, how most of the followers you buy turn out to be “bots” or fake accounts, and not real people. I was not surprised…

Team Stirista: Vincent Pietrafesa

This month’s Team Stirista blog features Vincent Pietrafesa, our new Vice President of B2B Products & Partnerships. Tell us about your daily and overall responsibilities as well as how your average workday looks.  As the VP of B2B Products & Partnerships, my overall responsibilities are to not only develop marketing…

Customer Identity Resolution: What It Is and Four Benefits To Help Boost Your Next Ad Campaign

B2B and B2C companies are in a fight for customers now more than ever, especially as online sales continue to make huge gains. Companies offering similar products or services are in a continuous race to go “above and beyond” their customers’ expectations as businesses strive to maintain or grow their market share.

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Advertising on Reddit: How Smart Companies Can Reach Their Niche Audiences

Reddit is a web-traffic powerhouse.  An online forum with over 130,000 sub-forums (subreddits) and communities with 7.55 billion page views a month, Reddit ranks 7th among the social networking platforms after Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Reddit’s current online statistics: Monthly active users: Approx. 26.4 million  Registered…

Team Stirista: America Martinez

This month’s Team Stirista spotlight features graphic designer, America Martinez. Let’s learn more about her! Tell us about your daily and overall responsibilities, and how your average work day looks. My overall responsibilities include designing graphics, whether it’s internal collateral, new client projects, social media content or motion graphics. I…

Disruptive Innovation in Marketing: Get Ahead, Get Noticed!

What is disruptive innovation? In the context of business, disruptive innovation is the creation of a new market, which eventually upsets an existing one, displacing market leaders, products, and alliances. Disruptive innovations are more likely to come from start-ups and entrepreneurs rather than more established brands. The reason is simple;…

Stirista Welcomes Vincent Pietrafesa as Vice President, B2B Products

Stirista announced the hiring of Vincent Pietrafesa as Vice President of B2B Products. Based in New York, his primary responsibilities will include ensuring the continued strategic growth of Stirista’s footprint in the B2B sector and driving forward new and innovative product development to meet the collective needs of marketing and…

The Ultimate Guide to the Customer Journey: Definition, Stages, Mapping, and an Example

So much has been said about the customer journey. Though, surprisingly, only 36 percent of companies have systems in place to precisely map it, according to a recent study. In today’s competitive climate, understanding your customers’ pain points and addressing them by creating a seamless customer experience (CX) can go…

Ajay Gupta Invited to Join San Antonio Business Journal Leadership Trust

San Antonio Business Journal Leadership Trust is an Invitation-Only Community for Top Business Decision Makers in the San Antonio Area   San Antonio, Tex. May 14, 2019 — Ajay Gupta, founder and CEO of Stirista, LLC, has been invited to join San Antonio Business Journal Leadership Trust, ​an exclusive community…

Team Stirista: Jane Diane Hasse

This month’s Team Stirista blog focuses on Jane Diane Hasse, who works as the Director of Human Resources and Office Management. Tell us more about your daily and overall responsibilities and what your average work day looks like.    My job at Stirista is two-fold: Director of Human Resources and…

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