B2B Marketing Podcast Stirs Up Fresh Ears Amidst Pandemic


Stirista Welcomes Hamid Qayyum as New Head of Digital Solutions

Stirista recently announced the hiring of Hamid Qayyum as Head of Digital Solutions. His primary responsibilities will include leading the company’s Digital Solutions team toward driving media activation, and ensuring the continued strategic growth of Stirista’s footprint in the burgeoning digital media sector. The hiring comes as Stirista aggressively pursues…

Your Business Can’t Afford Bad Data. Here’s Why.

Having access to good data is key in B2B marketing. Much more complex than B2C, B2B decision-making includes multiple stakeholders and a more formal, and many times lengthy, approvals process. Unpredictable shifts in the global economy, such as the current pandemic, have drastically altered the need for companies to provide…

How to Reach Professional Audiences at Home

The current economic climate has heightened the challenges for businesses to pivot from brick-and-mortar operations to attracting professional audiences working from home.  Despite these challenges, there are several data-driven insights that can be utilized to help optimize your company’s ability to reach professional audiences at home for a more significant…

What’s the killer app in B2B marketing? Face-to-face events

I was teaching B2B digital marketing in Buenos Aires this month, and found some of my students to be dismayed by one data point that came up again and again in the course: of all tactics in the B2B marketing toolkit, the most valued, the most used, and the most…

An Open Letter to Social Media Marketers:

An Open Letter to Social Media Marketers: Thank you!  I’ve learned a lot about social media over the years.  And, as all of you social media marketers know, there’s really no way to learn the tricks of the trade but by putting in the blood, sweat, and sometimes tears that it…

How Strategic Are Your CTAs?

A well-crafted call-to-action (CTA) is the lifeblood of an email campaign. It tells your customer what you want them to do. Not only is it attention-grabbing and interesting, but it also gets to the point. You may be missing out on conversions with potential customers if your CTA is passive,…

Team Stirista: Jane Alvarez-Hernandez

This month’s Team Stirista profile features Content Writer Jane Alvarez-Hernandez. Let’s learn more about her. Tell us about your overall responsibilities at Stirista and what you do on an average workday. I am Stirista’s first full-time, in-house Marketing Content Writer,  hired in November 2017. My daily responsibilities when I first…

Stirista Named Marketing EDGE Corporate Disruptor

Stirista has been named by Marketing EDGE as the Corporate Disruptor for 2020. Stirista will be honored in New York City alongside Lifetime Achievement Award winner Tim Hawthorne from Hawthorne Direct, Corporate Heritage Award winner, Acxiom, and the six outstanding marketing leaders 40 or under named 2020 Rising Stars.  The…

Geo-Targeting: What It Is, Its Benefits and Why You Should Be Doing It

What is Geo-Targeting? Let’s face it: When you are looking for your next B2B or B2C marketing campaign to bring in more customers, there are many factors to consider during the planning process. For example, you need to: launch the right message at the right time, target the right demographics…

Team Stirista: Dipankar Dey

This month’s Team Stirista blog features Dipankar Dey, our incredible data research analyst, who is based overseas. Let’s learn more: Tell us about your daily and overall responsibilities as well as how your average workday looks. As the Data Research Analyst, my overall responsibilities are helping the sales and marketing…

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