• The Insider’s Guide to Choosing a Digital Agency

    Choosing the right digital agency is harder than it looks. Digital agencies have a wide range of specialties and methods, not to mention levels of transparency. Stirista is here to help. We are a digital agency ourselves, and in our new whitepaper we will remove the mystery around choosing a digital agency.

  • Turbocharge Your Marketing Results

    Major life events, such as getting married, moving homes, and having a child, present rare opportunities for marketers. These are a few of the times when we know people will need certain products or services and have often even budgeted money for them. In this whitepaper, we will discuss life-event trigger data and some ways you can reach people who are undergoing major life events.

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  • The Importance of a Clean Data Infrastructure

    Customer data is the backbone of successful email marketing efforts. The more information businesses have about their customers, the better their marketing campaigns will be. The problem is that more data often leads to disorganization when companies don’t plan for the future. Once a company starts to grow, however, a lack of infrastructure can lead to ineffective marketing campaigns and the inability to reach customers. Read our white paper to learn  how marketers can make the most of the data at their fingertips.

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  • B2B Technology Industry Prospecting Databases: A Comparative Analysis of 9 Data Suppliers

    As a part of ongoing research on B2B data sources available to marketers, this white paper evaluates the volume and accuracy of B2B data available to marketers of IT products and services. Nine data suppliers participated in the study. This study suggests that marketers source tech-buyer data from multiple sources to gain maximum market coverage. When looking at the volume of complete records versus all contact records, keep in mind that vendors like Stirista offer the only data that is complete by our definition

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  • A Deep Dive Into B2B Prospecting Databases: How 7 Data Suppliers Compare

    This white paper evaluates the depth of B2B data available to marketers for prospecting purposes. Seven data suppliers participated in the study, and the depth of data available in company records varied considerably among vendors. Stirista enhances its B2B profiles by adding demographic information such as gender and linguistic preference. Stirista’s sourcing, which does not depend on crowdsourcing or crawling alone, ensures that its data is a step ahead of its competitors.

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