March 16, 2022
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    Recent studies are showing that working from home (WFH) is still on an upward trend with no real signs of slowing down anytime soon. This means that businesses might need to alter or adapt the way they’re locating and advertising to consumers. But what’s the best way to actually  reach decision makers? The answer lies in Connected Television (CTV). When working from home sometimes people get distracted or some people may just enjoy some background noise. These people are turning to CTV at an ever-increasing rate. In fact, every month of 2021 saw an increase in household CTV devices and overall usage. CTV has quickly become one of the most effective platforms to identify the right people and be able to reach them at high impact places.

    Most CTV ads are between 15 to 60 seconds long, unskippable, and with sound on automatically. This allows advertisers to count on both voice overs, as well as visuals to strike at the consumers. As premium media content, consumers tend to have a lot more trust for their CTVs than they do for other media devices. When combined with the targeting ability, and the measurement and attribution capabilities that digital media buying has to reach people, CTV becomes an extremely high impact format to find, reach, and influence B2C targets.

    Publishers, which are usually large TV networks (i.e. OWN, HBO, etc), wdistribute their network apps through device app stores (or may even come pre-installed on newer devices). These publishers will work with demand side platforms (DSPs) in order to connect themselves with businesses who are interested in purchasing their advertisements or impressions.

    But how does it all reach the correct consumers? Stirista, or more specifically, Adstir, our DSP can help with that. Adstir makes ad buying and targeting simpler by bringing all the data to you in strong, concise, graphs. We know who your target companies/consumers are, we know who works for them, and Adstir can design your ideal audience to appeal to them. With integrated data sets built in, or bringing in your own 1st-party data, Adstir will be able to take all of it and put it into our segmented, granular, identity graph to give you the most clear idea of what you are working with, and give you successful campaigns that are measurable with view through attribution and ABM reporting.


    At Stirista, Identity is our Identity, and we have a simple mission: help marketers generate revenue with our identity-level data. As marketers ourselves, we know that one-size-fits-all solutions and decayed data don’t work, so we built our modular and real-time OMNA Identity Graph from the ground up to arm you with marketing data that actually works.