Stirista Supercharges Its Fusion Data Transformation Partner Program

August 12, 2021
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    Aberdeen, Powerlytics and 123Push Leveraging Stirista for Expanded Data Monetization Opportunities with LiveRamp, Lotame, and Oracle Data Cloud Marketplaces

    ​Stirista announced today that its exclusive Fusion Data Transformation Partner Program has achieved significant momentum since its launch in February 2020. Through the program, data insights providers and intelligence platforms such as Powerlytics, 123Push, and Aberdeen are taking advantage of Stirista’s data and reach to make their data more accessible and monetizable in the LiveRamp Data Store, Lotame, Oracle Data Cloud and other data marketplaces.

    “In just over six months, we’ve already helped major brands and data power players extend their reach and linking capabilities with effective digital distribution as a strong component of their omnichannel marketing initiatives,” said Stirista SVP of Data Strategy Blaine Britten. “Giving them access to a marketplace for buyers, Stirista’s Fusion Partner Program enables a more complete, holistic view of customers based on both digital and offline profiles and behaviors – which ultimately allows them to build, optimize and monetize their digital brand.”

    Click here to view the official press release.