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Cable Network’s Subscribers Grew By 6.2%

This Cable Network is one of the nation’s largest and fastest internet providers. They engaged Stirista with the goal of improving conversion efficiency and growing their OTT streaming service subscription base.

Improvement in conversion efficiency
Increase in subscriber growth


The Cable Network had no demonstrable success outside of direct response channels, like paid search and app store placements, and needed a paid media program to drive positive results by growing their marketing reach, and thus, adding more streaming subscribers.


Stirista onboarded their first party data and employed our data science team to determine high-signal characteristics, specifically regarding where their early user growth had come from. We then used this analysis and our data segments to create custom modeled prospect audiences.

Following this initial process, we worked with the Network to create a multi-layered performance measurement plan designed to clearly demonstrate campaign impact on the primary KPI: Streaming Subscriptions. Knowing this product was in its early stages, and there would be learning and optimization opportunities from the highest to the most granular levels, the measurement plan also provided for ways to analyze the different aspects of the campaign, and consumer responses to it, so actionable insights could be quickly identified, communicated, and acted on.

Finally, we designed a multichannel campaign plan deploying CTV/OTT, Display, and Acquisition Email in a coordinated way to achieve effective cross-channel frequency and move prospects down the funnel to ultimately subscribe.


The campaign launched to moderate success, but was not meeting KPI targets. Attribution reporting showed that the campaign was very successful at driving interested researchers to the website, but those researchers were not converting to subscribers. Although the campaign drove moderate success in getting customers to conduct research, Stirista did not accept these results and dove into the data to help our client solve their problems. Because of our proactive measurement planning, Stirista was able to use the full set of campaign and website visit data at our disposal to identify two crucial points of friction preventing prospects from converting.

This identification gave us the ability to recommend a set of highly specific, easily actionable, changes to the creative assets and the website.

After implementing those optimizations, the campaign saw a 63% improvement in conversion efficiency. Ultimately, the markets targeted for the program saw incremental subscriber growth of 6.2% and subscriber acquisition costs far below the KPI target.

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