case study / Wellness & Fitness Services

ROAS Increased By 67%

A fitness and wellness company wanted to efficiently scale its growth beyond linear TV and traditional direct response digital channels. They decided to leverage Stirista’s unique CTV strengths to ensure their ads were meeting their target audience when and where they were watching.

Increase in ROAS ($2.56 to an average of 4.28%)


Over the past five years CTV advertising has taken off, with nearly 85% of households owning at least one connected TV device. Having used traditional advertising channels in the past, including paid search, paid social, and linear TV, the fitness and wellness company reached a plateau in its performance.

Wanting to achieve attributable ROAS tied directly to positive campaign results using ads that would connect with their target audience, they knew that they needed to explore other options.


For this campaign, we leveraged Stirista’s VIG website identity tool to conduct an audience profile analysis of their purchasers. With that information, we were able to create a suite of “targeting buckets” representing different high-indexing characteristics.

Using this data, Stirista was able to target specific households that matched the high-indexing characteristics specified with CTV, while retargeting website visitors with Display. To maximize efficiency, eliminate customer frustration, and strategically improve their marketing return, Stirista used VIG to exclude purchasers from all other previous campaigns in real-time.

Additionally, with Stirista’s View-Through Attribution reports, we were able to match and identify the number of website visitors and purchasers, the cost per purchaser, and the revenue generated and ROAS for the campaign. We also delivered specific campaign-matched Order IDs back to the client.


After experiencing the impact of CTV advertising and using highly detailed View-Through Attribution reports from Stirista, the company was able to significantly increase their ROAS by 67%.  By analyzing an initial audience segment before the start of this campaign and gaining a deeper understanding of their highest-performing target audience, we achieved a $2.56 ROAS after the first launch.

Stirista specializes in retaining existing customers, CTV advertising, CTV driven campaigns, data-driven marketing, and acquiring new ones via data-driven solutions, and with all of our campaigns, performance is top of mind.

Our team was able to regularly measure and monitor the granular breakdowns in our View-Through Attribution reports to continually optimize the campaign to accomplish an impressive $4.28 ROAS. With Stirista’s help, this wellness and fitness company has discovered a new way to scale its growth beyond traditional advertising and maximize their ad spend.

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